Feeders Feed Link, Fri. Feb. 24, 2012

Navy SEAL Movie’s Terrorist is…Jewish Dee

Yo Gabba Gabba B_Rad

Independence USA Goat Cam TLan

Samuel J. Tilden Friday Fact:

No Explanation is needed for the following quote. It is as valid today, as it was then; and I believe that a statement this powerful and eloquent should not be relegated to the dusty corners of long forgotten American History

President’s Day Message from SJT
Let us go forward to the ballot-box, and with united action and with one voice put into the great trusts of the government men who believe as we do, and who will give their efforts to restore the government to what it was in the days of our fathers. [A voice: “God grant it! “] Yes, as my friend in the audience says, — God grant it! There is no prayer that would ascend to the throne of the Eternal, purer of all selfishness, full of more devoted patriotism, full of more benevolence toward the masses of mankind here and in other countries, and in all future ages, than the prayer which my friend here in the audience puts up,— God grant it! Fellow-citizens, I can imagine that from the ethereal heights the men that made this government — your Washingtons, your Jeffersons, your Madisons — look down to see whether this generation is to fail in transmitting to their descendants the priceless inheritance of constitutional government. Washington himself — his tall and peerless form leans over from the midst of those patriots and statesmen of the Revolution, to see to-day what we are about to do. Shall we prove ourselves worthy of our ancestry? If so, then there will be hope, not only for this country, but also for the oppressed and down-trodden in every clime and in every age.


His version of the National Anthem Rosie

Was 9/11 Hijacker Mohamed Atta Used in Facebook As for Car Insurance?

Why you May Want to Delete Your Google Browser History Before Next Week

Bacon Gold Nugget Lily

Do you think DM’s picture posting habits have crossed the line? SHould he be banned from posting pictures on the Feeders Feed?
58% I was sickened…but entertained…NO BAN

Comment of the Day, From Hazel:
“Is that Obummer with his pants down?”

In Memory of Dr. Ronald P. Socciarelli, Feb. 3, 2012  Conductor of the 110 Marching Men from 1973-1989.


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