Feeders Feed Links, Mon. Feb. 27, 2012

Question #10 for Keith Malinak
On average, how many people are on the Feed? (Jeffy wouldn’t give us a straight answer but we know you think too much of the Feeders to tell a fib, right?)

Keith’s Answer:
I’m really not sure. Jeffy’s the gate keeper for all things feed related. I can tell you that there are so many comments that come in it is truly impossible to get them all posted.

The IMD and the World Bank- How Do They Differ? CFHeather

Supreme Court Prepares for Battle Over Human Rights Liability of Corporations CFHeather

Hillary in Tunisia AnsweringQuestions About US Presidential Candidates Pandering to ‘Zionist Lobbies’ CFHeather

H. Clinton: “We Have Problems WIth a Lot of Our Friends Around the World CFHeather

JKPT Fact from RibbitBuzz:James K Polk ‘fun’ fact: He won the Oregon territory from the British in a poker game.

Wyoming Advances “Doomsday Bill

Show Guest, Introducer of bill David Miller

Alan Dershowitz Declares War on Media Matters Mike

Copy of one of my slides; from around 1987?

Yellowstone Webcams Rainmaker Joe

US Water Bills to Triple CFHeather

Panic Wildy and Run Away T-shirt Barb

Sweedish Chef From the Muppets Mike

Monster from the Muppets Mike

ESPN Contact Page In case you want to complain about the reporter being fired CFHeather

Wild Boars Overrun pakistan

Show Guest Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

Sky and Telescope Rainmaker Joe

Do you like having tweets from the Blaze, GBTV, etc. mixed into the feed?
47% Yes
47% Don’t Care

Should DM be a part of the crew “Shaking Hand with the Guvnah” on Wednesday?
93% yes

2 Comments to “Feeders Feed Links, Mon. Feb. 27, 2012”

  1. Thank you; I used a cheap (ie BAD) slide scanner, so it’s washed out. I really need to use my wife’s scanner to redo them.

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