Feeders Feed Links, Th. March 1, 2012

Rolling Stone: Breitbart- Death of a Douche Zephyr

Ace of Spades of Breitbart’s Death: That About Wraps It Up for David Frum CFHeather

Daily Kos Calls for Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Breitbart’s Funeral CFHeather

From Last Night: Jada WIlliams Defends Paper on Frederick Douglass Zephyr

Father Damian’s Letter B-Brave

John Piper on Rick Warren’s “Chrislam” CuteGeek

Rick Warren, Islam, and John Hinch CuteGeek

Farmer Catches Bigfoot on Video Mel

Sarah Palin on Andrew Breitbart Rosie

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Suggests Obama’s birth certificate is a Forgery Adam
Sheriff to Announce Results of Investigation TLan

From Rosie

The Lies of Joseph Ellis (about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington) FreeDave

Breaking: Bomb Squad Responding to Rush Limbaugh’s House CFHeather

DC Councilwoman Let Off after Driving 105mph Dee

Guest on B.S.of A. Jeff Rowes, Institute for Justice

Do you think Andrew Breitbart deserves to be on the Feeders Feed Pedestal of Honor? (95% needed)
96% yes

What do you feel about Sheriff Joes findings about Obama’s birth certificate/


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