Feeders Feed, Fri. March 3, 2012

Tornados Destroy Henryville, Indiana

Tornados Destroy Marysville, Kentucky

Powerful Storms Rip Across Midwest, South

SMTJ Friday Fact:
here is a Tilden Street in an area of Wichita Falls, Texas, where the streets are named for the U.S. presidents Van Buren through Garfield (excluding Pierce, Andrew Johnson and Lincoln). Tilden runs parallel between Grant Street and Hayes Street, as if he had won the presidency in 1876.

The following image is of a house on Tilden Street (ironically, with the same street number as the house he tried to win in 1876)

Bacon Jerky Combo Pack TLan

Issa: Focus on “Slut” Dismisses Attacks on Religions

On this day, Congress Abolished Slavery TLan

Live feed of Tornado damage

Obama Supporters Wave Communist Flag

CoryE’s Pursuing Liberty

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