Feeders Links, Wed. March 6, 2012

WFMZ Filmed Frank’s goats being born (Mike)

Obama Ignores Crippling EPA Regs During Speech CFHeather

Michael Kieschnick, Shadow Radical CFHeather

Westboro Blog Makes Iowahawk Appear Gay on Twitter JB

Chris Matthews: Romney is Racist For Saying Amrica Too Many Times in Speech CFHeather

The Project, by Judy

Redeye Episodes on Hulu FreeDave

DWS’s Jewish Friends Doubt Obama on Israel CFHeather

CNN Guest: Don’t Know how Obama Will Explain Check from Maher to Sasha and Malia CFHeather

Fluke Exposed as Fraud, Possible WH Operative Zephyr

“Sunshine” Movie Trailer FreeDave

Internet Kill DNS change check (pdf)

Jim grant- “Capitalism is an Alternative to What We Have Now JB


What person would you most like to see hanging on the butthook?
Sandra Fluke 62%

Does Obama Stand With Israel?
No, 65%

Does Sandra Fluke deserve to hang on the butthook? (95% needed)
100% yes


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