Feeders Links Thurs. March 8, 2012

Zak at Strong Tower Radio network

Burr’s brother started Rewound Radio Burr

Rush’s Sponsors Practically Begging to Come Back Zephyr

Providence Forum Burr

Alveda King does much of her work at Priests for Life Zephyr

Aaron Tippin- You’ve got to Stand for Something DM

Breitbart: SEIU Helps “Occupy” Abolish Capitalism mainer

Deadpool- Common Sense Thundercross

Obama Rap: I Want Back My Change Dee

Latest B.S.of A. Sponsor: Ten Acres Lodge Tim
Their Webcam

Who do you want to place in the trophy case that is the Feeders Feed Pedestal?
Jada 50%
Uncle Ted Nugent 8%
Post Tornado Volunteers 8%
Alveda King 35%

Face off: Jada or Alveda King?
Alveda King 45%
Jada 55%

Does Jada Williams belong on the Pedestal?
100% yes

Comment of the night from Rainmaker Joe: “Ewe tube?”

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