Feeders Links, March 14-16 2012

Sorry I’ve missed a few days at the Feed, Kids, but life is hectic this month, and won’t get better until April 1st. (I expect April Fool’s Day to be better?!?)

Wed. 14th

Homeland Security Theater Mike

Tom Hanks Narrates Obama Re-Election Video Tim

C. Crane Radios CoryE

American Radio Relay League (Ham Radio) Barb

Morse Code Translator Tim

Info on scanners, cb’s Ham Radio: email hallettvlarry@yahoo.com

Wise Food Choice Barb

Find online scanners atPeachy

Scanner info at Radio Reference Mike

Carrie Underwood/ Vince Gill How great Thou Art Zephyr

Movie One Hit From Home DM

Recipe Cow Plops (No Bakes) Tim

The American Preparedness Radio Net CoryE

Food Insurance Backpacks TLan

Panetta: Doesn’t Believe Incendent was an Attempted Attack on Him TLan

Freeware at Snapfiles TLan

Butthook results at MRAFF

Thurs. 16th

WSJ’s Article on GBTV Burr

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Zephyr

Double Barrel .45 Burr

Wisconsin Passes Homebrew Bill JB

Obama Calls Energy Opponents “Flat Earthers” Burr

From Free Republic SHTF Barter Items to Stockpile CoryE

TN House of Reps Votes to Recognize the Insidious Nature of Agenda 21 James

New Study Shows Young People Not As Environmentalism As You Would Think Burr

Red Jacket Firearms (“Sons of Guns”) Burr

Schools Now Allowed To Opt of Of Pink SLime Hamburgers Dee

Controversial Hormone Therapy keeps Permanently Unable Individuals in Child-like State Dee

Priest WHo denied Communion to Lesbian Breaks His Silence Gwen

Feeders Feed Pedestal of Honor Results

Fri. 17th

Video from Tourniquet Envelpoded in Python DM
From Thousand Foot Crutch, My Home

DM’s Rant at his Blog

tilden High School Photos TLan

Movie October Baby Zephyr

SJT Friday Fact (Thanks, DM):
The following is the text of the declaration of the House of Representatives that Samuel J. Tilden has been duly elected President of the United States:
…Resolved, By the House of Representatives of the United States of America, that it is the duty of the House to declare, and this House does hereby solemnly declare, that Samuel J. Tilden, of the State of New York, received 196 electoral votes for the office of President of the United States, all of which votes were cast and lists thereof signed, certified, and transmitted to the seat of government, directed to the president of the Senate, in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States, by electors legally eligible and qualified as such electors, each of whom had been duly appointed and elected, in the manner directed by the Legislature of the State in and for which he cast his vote as aforesaid; and that said Samuel J. Tilden, having thus received the votes of a majority of the electors appointed as aforesaid, he was thereby duly elected President of the United States of America for the term of four years, commencing on the 4th day of March, A.d. 1877.

“I Will Not Comply” T-shirt DM

Photo of Stu’s kid, Zach TLan


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  1. ELO…nice bit of forgotten rock

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