Tues. March 20th Feeders Links

Joe Biden on Obama’s Audacious Military tactics:

Introducing the Feeders Feed Lounge!, a 24 Hour Chat Room for Feeders. (Thanks, TLan!)
(You may need the lastest version of Java)

Glenn: the Progressive Phase Has Ended; Now- Learn Everything About Communism That You Can; That’s Where They Are Moving Us.

Prayers and Best Wishes to Tim and Annette, who lost their pets recently.

Why Is the Story of Malia Obama in Mexico Disappearing From the Web?
WH Asks News Agencies to Pull Story

JP Morgen Chase Closes Down Vatican Bank Accounts

Obama Tapes “Happy Birthday” Message to Iran

“Choose Between Right and Left” CoryE

Video Agenda 21 for Public Officials Gwen

JKPT Fact from RibbitBuzz (Thanks, TLan):
JKPT fact: He won the Presidency 170 to 105 electoral votes.
JKP Electoral Map

7.4 Earthquake Rocks Oaxaca, Mexico (where Obama’s Daughter Is) Peachy
W.H. Says She Is Safe

Glenn: Watch The Road We’ve Travelled Burr


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