Tues. March 27, 2012 Feeders Links

Weird Al YAnkovic Dare to be Stupid DM

Labor Secretary Honors Hugo Chavez; Renames Auditorium After Him Burr

SPike Lee Reportedly Tweeted the Wrong Address for George Zimmerman TLan

Wayne DuPree’s Twitter TLan

JKP Fact of the Day, From RibbitBuzz (Thanks, Tlan)
Original political broadside announcing a torchlight, “Illumination and Procession In Honor of the Glorious Victory Achieved in the Election of Jas. K. Polk, On Tuesday evening, Nov. 26, 1844, in the City of Lancaster”. President Polk items are very tough to come by, with broadsides being particularly rare. Also, this advertises and describes in detail an early torchlight/lantern parade through downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. These processionals were often at the heart of political campaigns of the 19th century. Nicely custom framed.
JKP Broadside

LGBTQ Definition TLan

Brain Jonestown Massacre: Wasting Away CFHeather

CFHeather & Glenn!
Owly Images

Farting on Christmas Shoppers Mel

Real News Guest Pete Hegseth TLan

Feeders Feed Twitter Directory TLan

TV Tropes- Political Correctness Gone Mad Thundercross

It’s a knockout.

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