Feeders Links March 29th- April 2

Thurs. March 29th

Piven: Beck Decided For Me to Do My New Book CFHeather

PetroChina Now the Biggest Oil Producer CFHeather

US Soldier Killed Saving Afghan Girl CFHeather


Poll: Feeders Feed During the Break?
84% Yes

Israelis Suspect Obama Media Leaks to Prevent Strike on Iran TLan

Are Muslims Exempt from Obamacare? CFHeather

Pedestal Poll results

Fri. March 30th

Keith Olbermannn Fired From CurrentTV TLan

Video: Harvest- “Maybe Tonight” DM
“The Battle Is The Lord’s”

SJTF Fact:
Letters from Tilden’s supporters began to pour in immediately following the announcement that the election committee chose Hayes and many of the letters were from well known Americans. The following letter was from an important, if not well known New Yorker, Howard Potter:

My Dear Mr. Tilden,—I do not doubt that you are overwhelmed with letters just now from your many friends; but I cannot refrain from adding one to the number, to express my intense disappointment that you are not to-day the ‘de facto’ as you truly are the ‘de jure’ President of our country. I did believe that the justices of the Supreme Court would, in a case of such vital interest, rise high above all party trammels, carefully ascertain the facts of the case, administer the law with equity and consistency, and hold to the doctrine that fraud must vitiate the acts it was employed to accomplish. I am deeply grieved to find that these justices can, after all, be mere politicians—no better than the least patriotic of the tribe. I regret sincerely that your labor of the last four months has met with such a result, but my confidence in your patriotism is such that I am very sure that, so far as personal considerations are concerned, you will feel the disappointment far less than your friends do for you.

Feeders Hotel for Restoring Love TLan

Mon. April 2nd

American Thinker: Holder’s Revenge CFHeather

Students Are Better Off as Illegal Aliens than Legal Immigrants CFHeather

Ulsterman Report: WH Insider- Obama BLames Israel for High Gas Prices CFHeather

Obama’s Unprecedented Definition of “Unprecedented” CFHeather

Obama’s “Jew Cash Money Team” CFHeather

Obama- Example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder CFHeather

Big Government: Jarrett Keeps Obama Close to Radical Roots CFHeather

Scooter_NJ Becoming Scooter TX? Barb

Receipt: Whopper with 60 pieces of bacon TLan
Bacon Chocolate Peeps

Major Obama Bundler Accused of Fraud CFHeather

Breitbart: With Leaks, Obama’s Last Excuse on Israel I GoneCFHeather


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