A Bitter Taste in My Mouth

Interesting time at the in-laws yesterday. Sister-in-law, a nurse, has been out of a job since November. She was the ER head nurse at a local hospital; then she taught nursing at a Community College. I don’t doubt that some of her problems were office politics; but she has a pattern throughout her life, that everything bad happens to be everyone else’s fault. Job loss, loss of house; someone setting a package with a new $150 pair of Nikes and her walking off with it- not her fault.
She’s complaining that she can’t find a job. Brother-in-law asked her, “Nothing? You can’t find a nursing job anywhere?” She finally said yes, but beneath what she WAS making. So she would rather stay on unemployment, than take it. She is also going to vote for Obama again. Good luck on finding a job in health care, if HIS crap stays around, sis.

She has 4 kids- 3 daughters, and a son.
Daughter #1 is a Spanish major; went to Spain last year, and wants to go back to finish her degree. She dropped out for 1 semester, to WORK to raise enough money to go back. She is being attacked by her mother & grandmother (the one who loves Joe Biden) because
1. they think she is quitting college to go to Spain (they can’t get it through their heads that the only way she will get back, is through college), and
2. She doesn’t want to be a teacher; she wants to be a Spanish translator for sports (will be talking to the people at Toledo Mudhens, for a part-time job).

Daughter #2 is a Socialist. Every bleeding heart organization; just changed her major to Sociology. Dating black men because it opens her world (Asked her if she would date a Chinese guy- “Oh, heck no.”)

Daughter #3 got her hair styling license, to get a job, to open her own business or raise money for college. She knows what she wants, and will work for it.

Socialist #2 said “#3 and I want to start a non-profit business.”
Me: “Doing what?”
#2: “We are going to get #3 and some of her hair-cutting friends to cut hair for something like leukemia victims. We’ll donate 85%, and keep 15% to buy supplies.”

Me: “#3, do want to do this?”
#3: “Not really.”

Unanswered questions:
#3, is this going to be instead of your working, or AFTER your normal jobs? How will you afford the car you just bought and love so much? What about taking care of yourself first, so you CAN take care of others?

#2, what are YOU going to be doing, besides taking the money that #2 made, and giving it to others? Or is this the government internship you were offered?

Sorry, I’m very sour about yesterday, and had to get it off my chest.

On the other hand, we had a nice visit on Saturday with my wife’s uncle. I’m going to airbrush a car model for hi. He showed us his gun collection (including an original 1860’s Winchester lever action); he showed us his ham radio setup & gave us some tips; and we talked food prep & all the idiots in the world today. Pretty nice.


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