Not too happy.

It’s going to be another one of those years.  Igniter went out on 7 year old oven, which had a 6 year warranty.  25 year old refrigerator is stinking; new refrigerator was given to me by friend; unfortunately, the fridge side won’t cool below 55 degrees.   Water heater started leaking like a sieve.  Can’t figure out how to get a new one in the VW, so  it’s paying more at the local hardware store to have the free delivery, IF they can get one with a pilot light.  Luckily, I already have the shingles for the leaking roof;  I only need to get the sheathing .  Once again, 4×8 sheets don’t fit well in a VW.  So glad the prices on everything are going down, and life is more affordable to the common man under Socialism.   Heh.


2 Comments to “Not too happy.”

  1. Looking on the bright side is always helpful. 😀 Here’s hoping God will send a miracle or two your way.

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