Friday April 27 2012 Feeders Links

From TLan:
I want to thank you all for all the prayers. They have been answered. I accepted a job offer this morning for a company called Safeguard Properties. I start this Monday. I will be doing data entry type work. Basically they get some kind of orders from their website, mail, email, fax, etc. I will help take those orders and put them into a central computer app/site/database.
The first couple weeks while I am in training I will be working 1st shift and should be here for the Feeders’ Feed, might be a little late. After training though I will be working 2nd shift and won’t be able to be on the Feed. 😦
There is a desire to get us 2nd shifters working 1st shift with the more experienced members of my team, if they can ever find enough empty desks for us. So hopefully that’ll happen soon so I can return to the Feeders’ Feed because I love the Feeders’ Feed and all you Feeders!

Fantastic, Tlan!


Adbuster’s Marxists Yanking the Occupy Movement Around for May Day CFHeather

Obama Overrides Congress, Sends $192Million to Palestine Stehekin

Samuel J Tilden Friday fact (Thanks, DM)
When eighteen years old, Samuel entered the sophomore class in Yale College. This was the class of 1837, and one remarkable for talent, containing the present Chief Justice Waite of the United States Court, the eminent attorney William M. Evarts, Prof. Silliman, Judge Edwards Pierrepont, and others. Mr. Tilden’s health failing, he left Yale without graduating with his class. It is somewhat remarkable, that this was the only failure of his health during his sixty-three years. He completed his undergraduate studies under Chancellor Mathews, and graduated at the University of New York.

Photo of Natasha and Joe Finishing the Warrior Dash Thanks, Heather!

Raj and Kristen Haglund doing the same

Stu Pushing the Pram beforehand

Heather & Family Volunteering at the Race Katie

For TLan from Mike/Frisco

Rumors of War III on Youtube Thundercross

Iran Preparing for “The Last Six Months” Weezy

Bacon Sandwich for DM Kevin

HerbDoc Burr

One Comment to “Friday April 27 2012 Feeders Links”

  1. Thanks for posting this, as I missed TLan’s news. What a wonderful blessing.

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