Mon. May 7, 2012 Feeders Links

Toby Mac: Catchafire Video DM

Mercury Ink Books on Facebook TLan

I love the heart-cockle-warmth of the Feed too, Judy!

Zephyr Photo Album TIme!
Pic of Z in a Tea Party T-shirt with horsies!
and a Pic of Z’s older dogs
Talia’s Baby photo

JKP Fun Fact from RibbitBuzz (Thanks, TLan)
Winner of the 1st Kentucky Derby in 1875 was “Napolean of the Stump” (also a nickname for Polk)

XKCD: Every Bodys Terrible Thundercross

Glenn Beck- Free e-book Rosie

Obama’s ex-Girlfriend Worked at a Communist School CFHeather
(I still think she was his beard)

Comment from Heather: “my hair is HUGE today”


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