Thurs. May 24, 2012

Happy 50th Anniversary of your Mercury Flight, Scott Carpenter!

More Wed, and Thurs Links

Gilder Lehrman WWII Poster Nix

Video Senate Hearings on Law of the Sea Treaty Heather

D.U.I. with Z. & P. DM

Hello DM

Hello Mike

Roasted, Gold Plated Fetuses Found, For use in Black Magic Ceremonies Zephyr

Black Panther Shabazz Is a…Right Wing Radical?!? Heather

Feeders Pedestal Poll Results

Is Glenn Beck Costume Phobic? DM

Al Jazeera Video Explaining How Muslim Brotherhood Got a Foothold in Egypt Peachy
(And I fear, that they will try the same technique here, against the Progressives themselves)

New B.S. of A. TLan


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