Mon. June 4, 2012 Feeders Links

Prayers for OneCuteGeek’s Family.
Glad to hear Chad is doing better, Heather!
Congrats to BeTheMoose!
Good Luck, Schoolmarm Ruthie!

From Glenn- Step One:

JKP Fun Fact, From RibbitBuzz (Thanks, TLan)
James K Polk “fun” fact: In 6th grade he won the Tennessee state spelling bee. The winning word was “elucubrate”.

Police & Military Using Drones on Civilians in U.S.? Peachy

Nuclear Energy Institute Dadio

American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic ad Weezy

Des Moines School Superindentent’s School Emails released DM

TV SHow “Jericho” Gets 4th Season DM

I’m just now watching “Firefly.” Noticed immediately that the redhead in two shows, is Joan on “Mad Men.”

Rosie & Heather!


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