Feeders Feed Links, M-W June 11-13

Mon. 11th

Scooters Blog Barb

Dad Beats Daughter’s Molester to Death Rosie

Unmanned Drone Crashes Near Maryland Island Barb

JKP Fun Fact from RibbitBuzz (Thanks, DM)
Legend has it Polk was so cool that fires would go out if he got too close to them.

Glenn Beck Signs 5 Year Radio Deal DM

Tues 12th

Bacon Sundae at Burger King Mike

GBTV Schedule DM

McConnel Won’t back Cornyn’s call for Holder to Resign Heather

Nolan Ryan Talks about Snow Monkeys Heather

JKP Fact (Thanks, DM)
#JamesKPolk fact: Polk’s commitment to a low tariff resulted in the passage of the Walker Tariff

Organized Labor Starts Six State Voting Rights Effort Heather



Wed. 13th

Glenn’s Lemonade Stand at Babe’s Chicken Mike

Butthook Results

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