Fri. June 15 Feeders Feed Links

10 More Days Until TLan is Back!

Prayers for your Father, DM.

Tim Pawlenty Joins Romney Bus Amid VP Speculation DM

SJTF VIDEO Fact! (thanks, DM)

Eatl Taylor, National Center for COnstitutional Studies CoryE

Murdered ICE Agent Was Investigating “Fast & Furious” CoryE

Poll: What is Mike’s “Bacon Project?”

Mike’s creating an actual Bacon Button Machine
( 0% )
He’s a butcher…it’s really bacon he’s working on
( 7% )
He’s just messing with us
( 0% )
Mike is a secret jihadist who’s planning to remove all pigs from earth
( 20% )
Mike’s building a bacon BUTTHOOK
( 7% )
He’s up to something else…something bacony
( 67% )

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