Mon. June 18 2012 Feeders Links

GBTV, Other Mercury Media Merging Under “The Blaze” Moniker Mike

Allen West Dejected by Romney’s Lack of Position on Immigration DM

I think Rosie nails it:
To be fair: My illegal friends are hard workers. But if they are here illegally, they need to do things legally. Yeah, it’s not your fault you came here illegally. But it’s your parent’s fault. If bad behavior is not punished, people will keep doing it. This is not a punishment. THIS IS A REWARD!

JKP Fun Fact from RibbitBuzz (Thanks, DM)
In heaven every Tuesday night he hosts a poker tournament with the other dead U.S. presidents.
(“presidents in heaven?!?” must be tough to find poker partners.)

Clueless Newspaper Article on Cedar Hill Lemonade/ Bake Sale Event Mike

Adrian Rogers Ministry: “The Second Coming and the Apostacy of the Last Days.” Gwen

Prayers for Rosie

Total Number of Members at MoveOn Meeting Last Week: 6 Tim

Nachumlist: Record of White House Activities CoryE


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