My Favorites

From the Holder Contempt Vote Arguments (in order of event):

1. Maloney: An Attorney General Has never been held in contempt.

(Mica: Oh, yeah?  ‘member Ashcroft under W?)

2. Maloney: Why are we doing this? We need reform!  (as if getting corrupt liars out, isn’t reform)

3.  Maloney:  Upset because Issa called the lying Holder, a liar.

4. Norton:  member of the oversight committee, asking what the duties of the oversight committee are.

5. Cummings:  (at a contempt hearing for someone who has hidden 140,000 documents) : “I don’t think he’s hiding anything.”

6. Towns:  Upset that a man being held for contempt is held in contempt.

7.  Maloney (AGAIN): It’s UNFAIR to Holder to be held in contempt.

8. Lynch:  Prosecuting Holder will be so expensive, so let’s not do it.  (Issa:  If he had said that guns had walked, there was wrongdoing, people were killed because of us, and we’re responsible, it would have been a lot cheaper.  Instead, he cost a lot of money to hide info, and it’s costing a lot more to get it.)

9. Cummings defense of Holder: “Oh, c’mon!”

10. Maloney: Why aren’t we interviewing the Head of the AFT (sic)?   (probably because the Head of the ATF had already been interviewed?)

11. Maloney:  No evidence that Holder had anything to do with Gunwalking.  (probably because he’s withholding 140,000 pages of evidence?)

12. Norton: How do we not go through this again?  (easy:  get corrupt lying Socialists out of office?)

13. Norton: …this INHERITED story (gunwalking began with Bush, dontcha know)(see Holder’s retracted accusation that it was inherited from Bush)

14. Gowdy Amendment:  Doesn’t this last minute Executive Privilege order seem mighty fishy?

15. Gowdy:  (basically used Caesar’s “Brutus is an Honorable Man” speech about Obama) says he would NEVER  imply Obama had anything to do with it.

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