Feeders Feed Big Announcement Monday (06/25/12)

Welcome Back, TLan!

JKP Fun Fact, From RibbitBuzz (Thanks, TLan)
Legend has it if you say “James K Polk” 11 times into the mirror in the president’s bathroom in the White House he’ll appear.

Something new. You are all going to be dead within 8 weeks from radiation poisoning because of last weeks reactor #4 pyrophoric reaction of the spent uranium rods and mox/plutonium fuel mixture fires into the open atmosphere.
-Stephen from Roc
(I have around 2,000 various radiation detectors within 50 feet of me. If I see anything, I’ll let you know.)

Congrats on your 24th Anniversary, Infadel! (did you donate your roses to the Obama campaign?)


When we announced that CoveritLive was going to start charging an exorbitant amount for their services, we began the search for a new chat provider for the Feeders Feed. Every replacement choice seemed to be either too expensive or too restrictive for our needs…until…

Mike stepped in and offered to help. In the past few weeks he has rebuilt the Feeders Feed from the ground up. This new format will offer you many more features than CoveritLive and should not suffer the performance slowdowns of CIL.

That said, this is an entirely new program for all of us and it will take some time for us to learn how to make the experience even better for you. Please be patient with us as we work to make the Feeders Feed better than ever before.
The new website will require a login similar to GBTV. This will provide us with greater security and you will be able to share information inside the Feeders Feed without having to worry about trolls using your information for malevolent reasons. Email addresses will only be used for password retrieval and will not EVER leave Mike’s server.

We need you to go to FeedersFeed.otcs.com and create an ID so that on Wednesday, at 7pm EDT (6 central, 5 mountain, 4 pacific) you can participate in our FIRST EVER Test Feeders Feed!!!! We will open the doors to the new Feeders Feed for a few minutes, so you can see all the new features, play with all the new toys, ask questions, and help us make sure everything works properly. (We will also leave the CIL Feeders Feed up just in case someone needs help and can’t communicate on the new Feeders Feed)

Don’t worry, you won’t need to remember the new website address for long because over the weekend we will direct feedersfeed.com to the new site.

We look forward to bigger and better days on the Feeders Feed and thank you for your patience during the transition period


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