Th-Fri June 28-29, 2012 Feeders Links


Nerve-soothing pictures of swimming dogs from Zephyr.

PDF of SCOTUS’s decision on Obamacare Heather

Corporate Exemptions of What is Now Considered a Tax Heather

OpEd from Sen. Mike Lee on Obamacare Decision Heather

Kevin Jackson’s Twitter Heather

Dem Representative: Now, Let’s Unionize Doctors

Rush: IRS Has Just Become Obama’s Domestic Army

Pedestal Vote: Issa Gets 92%

Special Butthok Poll: Should C.J. be Butthooked?
(results not displayed)
(update: TLan pulled Supreme Power and hung him)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Town Hall Meeting, on Obamacare/ Tax Categories Wilma

Russia Violates U.S. Air Space During War Games

WV Belly Dancers For Single Pay (idiots)

Laurel Hawkes Blogspot Judy

Friday: Final CoverItLive Feed.

Rangel Might Not Have Won? DM

Roundup on SCOTUS Decision, and Effort to Repeal Barb

Failed Coffee Party Colleen

Mark Levin Analyzes SCOTUS Ruling Weezy

SJTF Fact (Thanks, DM)

The following picture is a great illustration of Tilden’s situation. He was a Democrat with decades of strong Party affiliation (Democrats ruled the South in those days) but spent his entire life in the North and maintained many Union sympathies. In order to win, not just the party nomination but the presidential election, SJT had to find a middle ground amongst a still fractured Union and an occupied South.

It has also been said that Tilden didn’t fight for the disputed electoral votes – he spent over a month preparing a complete history on how Congress has been responsible for vote counts, not the President of the Senate, instead of trying to manipulate the politicians involved in the selection process. Thomas Nast, the artist (who drew many anti-Tilden pictures for “Harper’s Weekly”), portrayed Tilden as a weak and scared man, unable to stand up to either faction.


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