Mon-Tues July 2-3, 2012 Feeders Links

Congratulations on the New Site!  (and thank you for the links assist, Mike!)




Roberts Switched Views to Uphold Obamacare Cec

JKP Fun Fact, From RibbitBuzz (Thanks, Tlan?)
James K Polk “fun” fact: Batman (but not Bruce Wayne) was based on a young JKP who was rumored to be a secret crime fighter.

Google Bans Sales of Firearms Accessories on Their Shopping Page Cec

Rosie’s Response to Google: CheaperThanDirt !

Show Guest Monica Crowley Tlan

Before and After Photos of Last Week’s “Hurricane” from Tim


Video Test fot the system from Mike

Twisted Sister Video: We’re Not Gonna Take It DM

Excellent Source of Gas Prices Mike
Missouri Gas Prices (also works in other states) DM

JKPT Fact (Thanks, Tlan)
Here’s a pic of the Polk Ancestral Home where he lived w/ his family has a young man.


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