July 5-6 Feeders Links

Thurs July 5th

Pedestal Winner (Deservedly, for his work on the new setup): Mike in Frisco

Butthook Poll WInner: MSNBC

The FBI Could Cut Your Internet Access in Four Days: Here’s How To Prevent It Dee, Stehekin

From Dee:









Friday July 6th

From Judy’s Blog: A Quote From Someone Who Understands Abuse


SJTF and the Ongoing Battle for Independence

The following is just a paragraph from a
speech Tilden gave in New York, not long
after the Civil War. The last last few lines
summarize the feelings many of us have about
America now:

Fellow-citizens, it is for us at this election
to determine what that destiny shall be.
I know that there is great danger and
great peril if we fail now. I am not
willing to take the risk of the future;
and so far as I am concerned, I am
surrendering to the cause nearly all
my time and all my effort, and I
invoke of you, every man, to be a
minute-man for the cause of your
country. I remember when I was a
boy I had an uncle who fought all
through the war of our Revolution.
He entered the continental army at
about sixteen or seventeen; and the
old man when his hairs were gray
with many winters and the decline
of life was upon him, said to us one
day: “I felt during all those eight years
as if the whole continental cause
rested on my shoulders.” That is the
spirit of the men of the Revolution.
That is the spirit which made us a
nation and which gave us our independence.
That is the spirit which inaugurated
this happy system of government.
That is the spirit which is needed now,
and which, if manifested in this contest,
will redeem us, and restore us to all
those great hopes which we once entertained.


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