July 9-10 Feeders Links

Mon. July 9th.

Turkish Coffee Goes Back to the Ottoman Empire DM

Helping Children of War, Without Any Government Assistance: Fugees Family DM

mp3 “Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher DM

JKP Fun Fact, From RibbitBuzz:
James K Polk “fun” fact: A couple of his favorite hobbies was brewing
his own beer and making his own beef jerky.

Tajikistan Villagers use MP3 Players to Chase Away Animal Pests Peachy

((shaking head)) Bacon Font TLan

Tues. July 10th

JKPT Fact:
JKP served in the Tennessee state
legislature from 1823 to 1825.

Announcement From DM:
We are going to attempt to set up a Ustream feed (think I-USA goat cam) for the Feeders meet n greet and whatever else we can provide a live audio/video stream. We also will attempt to have an open computer so people can walk over and say hello.

Parking information at stadium (Truckers staging in Lot 15):
Cowboys Parking Fedup

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