Thurs-Fri July 19-20 Feeders Links


Show Guest Host Erick Stakelbeck

On “Solid Gold,” no less!




Wednesday, July 25, at 6:00 (CENTRAL): Restoring Love Feeders Feed Live Ustream of the Meet & Greet

“Dark Knight” Shooting Imitates 1986 Batman Comicbook Plot Zephyr

Like any modern presidential candidate, SJT was not universally
loved or respected. In fact, he had enemies launching smear
campaigns in attempt to railroad his election, even before
he received the Democratic Party nomination.

The following quote is from a political book written by a
disgruntled investor and discharged NYC police sergeant,
Benjamin Buckman. Buckman believed Tilden and some of
his associates purposely destroyed his investment:

“To my surprise, I found that I was in almost daily intercourse
with other persons who had known him intimately for a score
of years, or more, and who did not hesitate to pronounce him
a most unscrupulous knave, despite his reputation and riches.
Through them I obtained access to newspaper slips, and to
other documents relating to him, which I examined until
convinced that they were right in their estimate of Tilden’s
true character”

Self-Reliance Expo at Arlington Convention Center, the weekend of Restoring Love Rosie

Pat Dollar (post removed): Batman Shooter Black Bloc Occupier Zephyr


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