July 25-28 2012 Feeders Links

(Thanks again, Mike; hope you had fun!)

Wed. July 25th:

Obama Has No Patience for “You Didn’t Build That” Attacks” CuteGeek

Formats for 3 Debates Annouced Barb

Video Glenn as a Extra on set of “Cheers” TLan

Demand “Atlas Shrugged II” in Your Town Peachy
(already did; I think I was #54!)

Thurs. July 26th (including FreePac feed):

Photo from Michelle Malkin: Overflowing Crowd at FreePac

Glenn in his Green Room at FreePac TLan

Erick Stakelbeck’s Blog
and Twitter TLan

‘Slaveholders’ Mark Levin Defends the Founders CooCoo

Deneen Borelli, Author of “Blacklash” TLan

Dana Loesch , “The Dana Show” Tlan

Deadly Super Derecho Strikes Cathy

Friday July 27th:

Pulpit Freedom Sunday (Oct. 7th) Spokavriel

Fred Willard on IMDB Coocoo

Fred Willard Passes Away Cec

Peewee Herman

Sat. July 28th- Restoring Love:

Olympics Opening Ceremonies Celebrate Socialized Medicine

Westboro Baptist Church Shows Up at Restoring Love Burr

Spokavriel’s Response to WBC

Alex Boye on Twitter and Facebook TLan

Faith Hope Charity, and 4e’s Paintings Spokavriel

Pic from Rosie
and another

Singer Kari Jobe TLan

Tactical Bacon Spokavriel

Rebecca Pfort TLan

Matt Maher Music TLan

Opening Prayer from Restoring Love TLan

My first guess on the Sept. Ohio announcement:  Distribution Center in Wilmington?


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