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August 31, 2012

Aug. 27-29 2012 Feeders Links

Monday August 27:

San Gimignano Winery Zephyr

Penn State Won’t Play Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” at Games Rosie

Earthquake Map of Brawley CA area Tim

Ribbit Buzz just posted, and The 4th Hour just retweeted…
5 hours of the The 4th Hour today, 5×4=20 hours, 5+4+2+0=11. Think about it. #FearThe11
(You are one sick man, TLan!)

Go HERE for missing TheBLaze/GBTV Feed link (Mike)

Taliban Behead 17 People Who Attended Dance Party Tim

Map for Mormon temple, Columbus, Ohio Tim

Facebook Pictures of Brigham City Temple Rosie

JKP Fun Fact:
The Dos Equis
beer “most interesting man in the world”
is modeled after JKP.

RNC is Trying to Shut Out the Tea Party By Rewriting Convention Rules Tim



Wed. August 29:

Turbaconducken Peachy

Love4Utah Spokavriel

Mia Love- Love Bomb Alvin

GlennBeck Fun Fact? via RibbitBuzz:
He was out sick yesterday and Monday because over the weekend he ate approx. 11 lbs. of M&M’s

From CFHeather (on the below links):
I’m working on some research right now – involving State Department, USAID, EPA, HUD, DOT. It is how they are implementing Agenda 21 (millennium development goals) without even having to go through congress legislatively or to congress for appropriations. It is scary stuff.

“Sustainable Communities” Awards Granted
DOT/HUD/EPA Partnership

“Department of State and Other Program Funding” WH pdf file
(be sure you understand what an “overseas contengency operation” is – it means it is not the pentagon or the DOD that funds it – it is USAID)

Obama’s Sneaky Deadly Car Tax

New U.S. Treaty with Guatemala Zephyr



Thurs. Aug 30th
Final Night of RNC

Michael Moore: People Should Start to Practice the WOrds “President Romney” Cory

Protestors leaving Forum Area as Cops With Batons Watch On Cory

Link to Rubio’s Convention Speech Cory

Twitter for Miami News Reporter, watching the Protestors: @JohnWoodrowCox

Protestors Close To Forum Rosie

Cop With Big (non-lethal) Gun Pulled up Alongside Protestors Alvin

WOrld’s Wealthiest Woman Tells People To Stop Envying the Rich, & to Work Harder Christopher

Classic Telephones: The Trimline, and the Princess Mike

Video Blame It On Bush Annette


Clint Eastwood Speech Preview Rosie

Dear Hollywood: Go Ahead, Make These Rosie

From Heather:
OPIC/ Development Banks Research Link
USAID Research Link
Sustainable Development Research Link
Agenda 21 Research Link

Sarah Palin Kicked from Fox News Lineup Zephyr

Fr. Benedict Groeschel- Sex Abuse: Child is Often the Seducer Zephyr


Marine Teaches an OWSer a Lesson Tim

D.O.S./ International Budget (Read Footnotes on Last Page) Heather

Man Dies After Ingesting 10 Pounds of Bacon Mike

August 31, 2012

Aug. 23-24 2012 Feeders Links

Thursday August 23:

Video- Jeffy Adding Mainer

Alternating Male/Female Hurricane Names TLan

By the way… today is 8/23. 8+2+3=13, and 13 is the new 11 – TLan

Astronomy Webcams (note inscription over pink clubhouse) Rainmaker Joe

Videos: “My Life,” by 12 Stones, and “Home Free” by Wayne Watson DM

Where DM’s Expedition Broke Down TLan


Fri. August 24th:

“2016” #1 in Box Office on Release Day Mike

(Sorry; I’m at a loss of words on this one) Coocoo

Video Anderson Cooper Owns Montana Birther Bob Wagner Coocoo


“A Dangerous Demagogue” Part I”

The following is from Benjamin
Buckman’s, “Samuel J Tilden
Unmasked!” The quote is supposedly
from a resolution Tilden drafted for
the 1864 Democratic Convention.
What follows the quote is a
strange allegation:

Resolved, That this Convention does
explicitly declare, as the sense of the
American people, that, after four
years of failure to restore the Union
by experiment of war, during which,
under the pretence of a military
necessity, or war power higher than
the Constitution, the Constitution
itself has been disregarded in every part,
and public liberty and private right
alike trodden down, and the material
prosperity of the country essentially
impaired, — justice, humanity, liberty,
and the public welfare demand that
with a view to an ultimate convention
of the States, or other peaceable means,
to the end that at the earliest practicable
moment, peace may be restored
on the basis of the Federal States.”

Notably in this connection a very curious
coincidence occurred. In March of that
year the Confederate Government had
voted a Secret Service Fund of $3,000,000
in gold, to be used in creating a
“peace sentiment” at the North. The money
was placed at the disposal of “President”
Davis, who sent agents via Nassau and
Halifax to Canada, to disburse the money
among politicians in the Northern States,
“where it would do the most good,” to use
the expression of one of Tilden’s clients.

Next Friday we will look at Buckman’s
“proof” of the allegations

Dog Shaming Mel (I love that webpage too, Mel!)

3 U.S. marines Shot in Mexico Coocoo

The Ring Cycle Rosie

U.N. Proposes Tax on Americans Dee

The Romney/ Polk Connection Mike

August 25, 2012

A Legend Has Passed

My childhood hero Neil Armstrong has passed, age 82.

When he lived in Warren County, you could see him plowing his fields, and wave.

August 24, 2012

VANDALISM!! heheheh

Scioto County (Ohio) Democratic Headquarters.

I have not been there for months, so I can’t be blamed.

August 23, 2012

Feeders Links Aug. 21-22, 2012

Tues August 21:

Canned Bacon Spokavriel

George Bernard Shaw 7 the Humane Gas Spokavriel

Blackfoot Indian Tribe History Zephyr

JKPT!!! Spokavriel

JKPT Fact from RibbitBuzz:
In the 1844
Presidential election he got 38,000 more
votes than Whig Henry Clay and won
the electoral vote 170-105. TLan (bad link?)

From Tim:
ObuttKisser was at Ohio State today to see some students. 610WTVN played an interview that went like this: Female Student: “I would like to see more help for students loans… But I’m voting for Romney because I think he’ll do better with the economy” “She’s hoping for a good job when she graduates, but isn’t sure she’ll find one if Obama gets another four year term. She is voting for Romney this year.
More of the Story Here

Glenn Bringing back Recalled Thomas Jefferson History Mike



Wed. August 22:

David Barton Responds to Book Controversy Spokavriel

Safebooru Spokavriel

B.S.ofA. Season Premiere Announcement TLan

From TLan: Labor Department spent $500G in stimulus on green-job ad blitz on Olbermann, Maddow
More Here

Obama’s Dan Quayle Moment Big Dadio

August 23, 2012

What the…

August 21, 2012

Mon. Aug. 20, 2012 Feeders Links

Real Commie Bear has His Own Twitter Mike

Soros Feels Hurt By Obama Mike

JKP Fun Fact!
James K Polk “fun” fact: As a kid in
Tennessee he won many awards racing
horses, including winning 74 races.

Egypt Prepares to Use Aircraft & Tanks in Sinai for First Time in 40 Years Heather

August 20, 2012

Th-Fr Aug. 16-17 2012 Links

Thursday Aug 16

Frederick Douglas Books at Spokavriel

FreePac Bootcamp Rosie

David Barton’s book “The Jefferson Lies” at The Blaze:
In Paperback, and in hardback (Cory)

Lib Group Sends Out Pre-filled Voter Reg Forms to Dogs, Dead People Zephyr



Friday Aug 17

Obama’s TOugh Radio Interview: “Red or Green?” Dee

“Gone With The Wind” Heir Bequeaths 50% and Home to ArchDioceseBarb DM

“Muslim Minority Affairs” Not Just a Journal Heather

(I swear, I’m just going to make this a sticky video at the top of the page…)
Biden: “The Viillaagezzz” Mike

Caterer for Obama Event Wears Romney Shirt Zephyr

Planned Parenthood Protestor Spits on Romney Supporter Heather

Bakery Owner Requests that Biden NOT Stop In His Store Cec

Video: Explanation of Why Our Government Spending Is GOing To Fail America Peachy

Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate DM

Obama Stops at Iowa Beer Tent; Owner Loses $25,000 DM

Best Of SJTF!!


Last week’s SJTF Fact was on the death and funeral of SJT-
today’s fact is on Tilden’s birth and family history.

SJT was born in New Lebanon New York in 1814 but,
the American roots of the Tilden family go back to the
early settlement days of Massachusetts Bay Colony
and the British roots of the Tilden (or Tylden) family go
all the way back to the 12th Century during the reign of Henry II.
The first American Tilden, Nathaniel Tilden
(along with his wife, kids, and servants), arrived at the
Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634 and quickly became
an important figure in the community.

The Tildens had connections to the Plymouth Pilgrims as
well. Nathaniel’s brother, Joseph, was an outfitter for the
Mayflower and his son, Stephen married the daughter of
Richard Warren, who was a passenger on the mayflower

August 16, 2012

Wed. Aug. 15, 2012 Feeders Links

Tactical Bacon Spokavriel

Dr. Insano Spoony Experiment Spokavriel

Mormon Messages Video Rosie

Beatles- Happiness is a Warm Gun Spokavriel

Glenn’s “I Built This” T-shirt Mike

August 15, 2012

Tues. Aug. 14, 2012 Feeders Links

The Truth About Pell Grants Dee

Video “The Vill-A-Gessss” Mike
(No matter how many times I see this, it still makes me laugh)

JKPT fact:
At the 1844 Democratic
Convention it took 9 rounds of voting before
JKP won the Presidential nomination.

Russian Attack Sub Patrolled Gulf Waters for a Month Undetected. Cec

Amazing Guitarist, 18 Year Old Ben Lapps:

August 14, 2012

Contradictions Do Not Exist.

Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.
Francisco D’Anconia, Atlas Shrugged.

After DHS purchased 1.3 BILLION rounds of ammo this year (which includes 450 million rounds of jacketed hollow points,) the National Weather Service?!? or NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement has ordered 16,000 rounds of .40 S&W jacketed hollow points.

For use against poachers, with possible oncoming food shortages? For possible civil unrest? That’s handgun ammunition, usually the last resort in deadly crowd control, AFTER rifle/ shotgun.

If it makes no sense, then the situation is being looked at the wrong way, or with missing information.

My warning: buy as much as possible for yourself. Obama said a month or so ago, in one of his “We’ll just have to go around Congress” speeches, that gun regulation was not off the to do list.

I think they’re either stocking up on ammo for a upcoming ban/regulation, or they’re planning for something very nasty to happen.

08/15/12, 07:21pm Update:
Social Security Administration to buy 174,000 Rounds of Hollow Points

August 14, 2012

Aug. 7-13 2012 Feeders Links

(Thank you, Mike!)

Tues, Aug.7

National Police Shooting Championships, Sept. 16-20th Spokavriel

Rush Limbaugh: Fort Wayne Has BaalsDM

“Toad Suck, Arkansas” Named Most Unfortunate Town Name DM

JKP Fun Fact:
As Governor of
Tennessee he would have dance parties in
the State Capitol with the state legislature
and guests

JKP Fact, from Tim B!:
JKP medal at the St. Louis arch












Wed. Aug 8

Joe Pags Chat & Webcam Spokavriel

Show GuestErick Stakelbeck TLan

China: First Gremlin Found Alive DM

Video: Double Whammy Mike

ewww Kopi Luwak Arabica Coffee DM

Best Olympics Coverage Cec

Bartender Joke, From Beck Junkie:

A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim and a Communist walk into a bar.
Bartender asks ….

“What’ll it be, Mr. President?

Thurs. Aug. 9

Mexican Drug Cartel Member Alleges that Fast & Furious is NOT What You Think It Is. TLan

Fri. Aug. 10

Famous 19th Century poet, John Greenleaf Whittier memorialized SJT with the following poem:

Samuel J. Tilden

Once more, O all-adjusting Death!
The nation’s Pantheon opens wide;
Once more a common sorrow saith
A strong, wise man has died.

Faults doubtless had he. Had we not
Our own, to question and asperse
The worth we doubted or forgot
Until beside his hearse?

Ambitious, cautious, yet the man
To strike down fraud with resolute hand;
A patriot, if a partisan,
He loved his native land.

So let the mourning bells be rung,
The banner droop its folds half way,
And while the public pen and tongue
Their fitting tribute pay,

Shall we not vow above his bier
To set our feet on party lies,
And wound no more a living ear
With words that Death denies?

Mon. Aug. 13

Jonathon Frakes Tim

Michael Darn Film: Through The Fire: Life After Star Trek Tim

FreedomWorks Coming To Ohio the Week of Sept. 12th
FreePac Bootcamp & Tickets

JKP Fun Fact:
James K Polk “fun” fact: Mitt Romney’s 2nd
choice for Vice President running mate was
the ghost of James K Polk.

Unelectable 2012 In Theaters, Thurs. Sept. 20th TLan

List of Participating Theaters TLan

ebaums world: Repurposed Ideas Coocoo

For Glenn & Co.:
Mase: Welcome Back DM

August 7, 2012

Mon. Aug. 6, 2012 Feeders Links

Zephyr’s Seatmate on the Flight out of Vegas:

August 6, 2012

Fri. Aug. 5, 2012 Feeders Links

Copy of U.N. Resolution 1618 Spokavriel

Badonkadonk TLan

and from Mike:

London 2012 Olympic Schedule and Results Spokavriel

Mike: Someone should take the following video from Spooky Dude backed and put Obummer ‘s voice in it. Fitting turnabout wouldn’t you say:

(oh, for Pete’s sake!) New Olympic Sport: Trampoline Judy

SJTF Fact (with a little JKP thrown in):
DUring the 1840s Tilden associated with the reformist, antislavery wing of the New York Democrats. When James K. Polk’s election resulted in the ascendancy of the pro-Southern wing, Tilden was divorced from party leadership. He opposed Abraham Lincoln’s election, spear-headed opposition to Republican centralization in Washington, and supported Andrew Johnson’s conciliatory Reconstruction policies.

August 3, 2012

Thurs. Aug. 2, 2012 Feeders Links

Black Robe Regiment Tim

Singer from Restoring Love Kari Jobe Tim

Shep Smith called yesterday’s support of Chick-Fil-A A Day of Intolerance Cec
also at DailyKos Barb
and at The Blaze Tim

wiki of Larry Flynt Cec

Youtube of Restoring Honor Spokavriel

Check you clock at Spokavriel

Video of Eric Holder: Obama Must Obey the Law NotALeming

Restoring Love (with Lawn Mowers) NotALeming (I love it!)

Pedestal Poll Problems


On of my favorites from Beausoleil:  The Coffee Song

August 2, 2012

Wed. Aug. 1, 2012 Feeders Links

From Mike:
96 more days until we get to send Obummer the same message we showed today at Chick-fil-A.

From Cory:We’re updating our website for Pursuing Liberty – we have the new, updated books now, and they’re on sale for less than cover price. I’m trying to change our book purchase/donation information to Mercury One now. If you’d like to get the brand-new, Amazon doesn’t have them yet, Pursuing Liberty, just put “Feeder’s Feed” in the “Company” section on the secure online order form, and Rick and I will sign them “special” for you. 🙂 Thank you so much

Chicago Alderman Vows to Block Against Chick-Fil-A; Claims it Discriminates Against Gays Cec

D.C. mayor Slams Chick-Fil-A OVer Gay Marriage Stance Cec

Storms Cause Injuries, damage at Pine Ridge Reservation

The Feeders Feed Goes To Restoring Love TLan

Heather’s Collection of Documents of Agenda 21:
Collection 1
Collection 2

Link to Hurricane Track or Warning? from Tim (link fail)
NOAA Rosie

August 1, 2012

Tues. July 31, 2012 Feeders Links

New From Mike: The Feeders Go TO Restoring Love Upload your personal stories and photos.

Robo Calls Telling People to Vote For Cruz

(paraphrasing) Disgusting Pathetic Fat Lady Cusses A Lot CooCoo

JKPT Fact! from RibbitBuzz
James K Polk fact: For two years, he studied
law in Nashville, Tennessee and was admitted
to the bar in 1820.

Federal Court: Obama Appointees Interfered With New Black Panther Prosecution CooCoo

Congratulations, Texas and Ted Cruz!