Fri. Aug. 5, 2012 Feeders Links

Copy of U.N. Resolution 1618 Spokavriel

Badonkadonk TLan

and from Mike:

London 2012 Olympic Schedule and Results Spokavriel

Mike: Someone should take the following video from Spooky Dude backed and put Obummer ‘s voice in it. Fitting turnabout wouldn’t you say:

(oh, for Pete’s sake!) New Olympic Sport: Trampoline Judy

SJTF Fact (with a little JKP thrown in):
DUring the 1840s Tilden associated with the reformist, antislavery wing of the New York Democrats. When James K. Polk’s election resulted in the ascendancy of the pro-Southern wing, Tilden was divorced from party leadership. He opposed Abraham Lincoln’s election, spear-headed opposition to Republican centralization in Washington, and supported Andrew Johnson’s conciliatory Reconstruction policies.

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