Aug. 7-13 2012 Feeders Links

(Thank you, Mike!)

Tues, Aug.7

National Police Shooting Championships, Sept. 16-20th Spokavriel

Rush Limbaugh: Fort Wayne Has BaalsDM

“Toad Suck, Arkansas” Named Most Unfortunate Town Name DM

JKP Fun Fact:
As Governor of
Tennessee he would have dance parties in
the State Capitol with the state legislature
and guests

JKP Fact, from Tim B!:
JKP medal at the St. Louis arch












Wed. Aug 8

Joe Pags Chat & Webcam Spokavriel

Show GuestErick Stakelbeck TLan

China: First Gremlin Found Alive DM

Video: Double Whammy Mike

ewww Kopi Luwak Arabica Coffee DM

Best Olympics Coverage Cec

Bartender Joke, From Beck Junkie:

A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim and a Communist walk into a bar.
Bartender asks ….

“What’ll it be, Mr. President?

Thurs. Aug. 9

Mexican Drug Cartel Member Alleges that Fast & Furious is NOT What You Think It Is. TLan

Fri. Aug. 10

Famous 19th Century poet, John Greenleaf Whittier memorialized SJT with the following poem:

Samuel J. Tilden

Once more, O all-adjusting Death!
The nation’s Pantheon opens wide;
Once more a common sorrow saith
A strong, wise man has died.

Faults doubtless had he. Had we not
Our own, to question and asperse
The worth we doubted or forgot
Until beside his hearse?

Ambitious, cautious, yet the man
To strike down fraud with resolute hand;
A patriot, if a partisan,
He loved his native land.

So let the mourning bells be rung,
The banner droop its folds half way,
And while the public pen and tongue
Their fitting tribute pay,

Shall we not vow above his bier
To set our feet on party lies,
And wound no more a living ear
With words that Death denies?

Mon. Aug. 13

Jonathon Frakes Tim

Michael Darn Film: Through The Fire: Life After Star Trek Tim

FreedomWorks Coming To Ohio the Week of Sept. 12th
FreePac Bootcamp & Tickets

JKP Fun Fact:
James K Polk “fun” fact: Mitt Romney’s 2nd
choice for Vice President running mate was
the ghost of James K Polk.

Unelectable 2012 In Theaters, Thurs. Sept. 20th TLan

List of Participating Theaters TLan

ebaums world: Repurposed Ideas Coocoo

For Glenn & Co.:
Mase: Welcome Back DM

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