Th-Fr Aug. 16-17 2012 Links

Thursday Aug 16

Frederick Douglas Books at Spokavriel

FreePac Bootcamp Rosie

David Barton’s book “The Jefferson Lies” at The Blaze:
In Paperback, and in hardback (Cory)

Lib Group Sends Out Pre-filled Voter Reg Forms to Dogs, Dead People Zephyr



Friday Aug 17

Obama’s TOugh Radio Interview: “Red or Green?” Dee

“Gone With The Wind” Heir Bequeaths 50% and Home to ArchDioceseBarb DM

“Muslim Minority Affairs” Not Just a Journal Heather

(I swear, I’m just going to make this a sticky video at the top of the page…)
Biden: “The Viillaagezzz” Mike

Caterer for Obama Event Wears Romney Shirt Zephyr

Planned Parenthood Protestor Spits on Romney Supporter Heather

Bakery Owner Requests that Biden NOT Stop In His Store Cec

Video: Explanation of Why Our Government Spending Is GOing To Fail America Peachy

Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate DM

Obama Stops at Iowa Beer Tent; Owner Loses $25,000 DM

Best Of SJTF!!


Last week’s SJTF Fact was on the death and funeral of SJT-
today’s fact is on Tilden’s birth and family history.

SJT was born in New Lebanon New York in 1814 but,
the American roots of the Tilden family go back to the
early settlement days of Massachusetts Bay Colony
and the British roots of the Tilden (or Tylden) family go
all the way back to the 12th Century during the reign of Henry II.
The first American Tilden, Nathaniel Tilden
(along with his wife, kids, and servants), arrived at the
Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634 and quickly became
an important figure in the community.

The Tildens had connections to the Plymouth Pilgrims as
well. Nathaniel’s brother, Joseph, was an outfitter for the
Mayflower and his son, Stephen married the daughter of
Richard Warren, who was a passenger on the mayflower

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