Feeders Links Aug. 21-22, 2012

Tues August 21:

Canned Bacon Spokavriel

George Bernard Shaw 7 the Humane Gas Spokavriel

Blackfoot Indian Tribe History Zephyr

JKPT!!! Spokavriel

JKPT Fact from RibbitBuzz:
In the 1844
Presidential election he got 38,000 more
votes than Whig Henry Clay and won
the electoral vote 170-105.

Swiftkey.net TLan (bad link?)

From Tim:
ObuttKisser was at Ohio State today to see some students. 610WTVN played an interview that went like this: Female Student: “I would like to see more help for students loans… But I’m voting for Romney because I think he’ll do better with the economy” “She’s hoping for a good job when she graduates, but isn’t sure she’ll find one if Obama gets another four year term. She is voting for Romney this year.
More of the Story Here

Glenn Bringing back Recalled Thomas Jefferson History Mike



Wed. August 22:

David Barton Responds to Book Controversy Spokavriel

Safebooru Spokavriel

B.S.ofA. Season Premiere Announcement TLan

From TLan: Labor Department spent $500G in stimulus on green-job ad blitz on Olbermann, Maddow
More Here

Obama’s Dan Quayle Moment Big Dadio


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