Aug. 23-24 2012 Feeders Links

Thursday August 23:

Video- Jeffy Adding Mainer

Alternating Male/Female Hurricane Names TLan

By the way… today is 8/23. 8+2+3=13, and 13 is the new 11 – TLan

Astronomy Webcams (note inscription over pink clubhouse) Rainmaker Joe

Videos: “My Life,” by 12 Stones, and “Home Free” by Wayne Watson DM

Where DM’s Expedition Broke Down TLan


Fri. August 24th:

“2016” #1 in Box Office on Release Day Mike

(Sorry; I’m at a loss of words on this one) Coocoo

Video Anderson Cooper Owns Montana Birther Bob Wagner Coocoo


“A Dangerous Demagogue” Part I”

The following is from Benjamin
Buckman’s, “Samuel J Tilden
Unmasked!” The quote is supposedly
from a resolution Tilden drafted for
the 1864 Democratic Convention.
What follows the quote is a
strange allegation:

Resolved, That this Convention does
explicitly declare, as the sense of the
American people, that, after four
years of failure to restore the Union
by experiment of war, during which,
under the pretence of a military
necessity, or war power higher than
the Constitution, the Constitution
itself has been disregarded in every part,
and public liberty and private right
alike trodden down, and the material
prosperity of the country essentially
impaired, — justice, humanity, liberty,
and the public welfare demand that
with a view to an ultimate convention
of the States, or other peaceable means,
to the end that at the earliest practicable
moment, peace may be restored
on the basis of the Federal States.”

Notably in this connection a very curious
coincidence occurred. In March of that
year the Confederate Government had
voted a Secret Service Fund of $3,000,000
in gold, to be used in creating a
“peace sentiment” at the North. The money
was placed at the disposal of “President”
Davis, who sent agents via Nassau and
Halifax to Canada, to disburse the money
among politicians in the Northern States,
“where it would do the most good,” to use
the expression of one of Tilden’s clients.

Next Friday we will look at Buckman’s
“proof” of the allegations

Dog Shaming Mel (I love that webpage too, Mel!)

3 U.S. marines Shot in Mexico Coocoo

The Ring Cycle Rosie

U.N. Proposes Tax on Americans Dee

The Romney/ Polk Connection Mike


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