Aug. 27-29 2012 Feeders Links

Monday August 27:

San Gimignano Winery Zephyr

Penn State Won’t Play Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” at Games Rosie

Earthquake Map of Brawley CA area Tim

Ribbit Buzz just posted, and The 4th Hour just retweeted…
5 hours of the The 4th Hour today, 5×4=20 hours, 5+4+2+0=11. Think about it. #FearThe11
(You are one sick man, TLan!)

Go HERE for missing TheBLaze/GBTV Feed link (Mike)

Taliban Behead 17 People Who Attended Dance Party Tim

Map for Mormon temple, Columbus, Ohio Tim

Facebook Pictures of Brigham City Temple Rosie

JKP Fun Fact:
The Dos Equis
beer “most interesting man in the world”
is modeled after JKP.

RNC is Trying to Shut Out the Tea Party By Rewriting Convention Rules Tim



Wed. August 29:

Turbaconducken Peachy

Love4Utah Spokavriel

Mia Love- Love Bomb Alvin

GlennBeck Fun Fact? via RibbitBuzz:
He was out sick yesterday and Monday because over the weekend he ate approx. 11 lbs. of M&M’s

From CFHeather (on the below links):
I’m working on some research right now – involving State Department, USAID, EPA, HUD, DOT. It is how they are implementing Agenda 21 (millennium development goals) without even having to go through congress legislatively or to congress for appropriations. It is scary stuff.

“Sustainable Communities” Awards Granted
DOT/HUD/EPA Partnership

“Department of State and Other Program Funding” WH pdf file
(be sure you understand what an “overseas contengency operation” is – it means it is not the pentagon or the DOD that funds it – it is USAID)

Obama’s Sneaky Deadly Car Tax

New U.S. Treaty with Guatemala Zephyr



Thurs. Aug 30th
Final Night of RNC

Michael Moore: People Should Start to Practice the WOrds “President Romney” Cory

Protestors leaving Forum Area as Cops With Batons Watch On Cory

Link to Rubio’s Convention Speech Cory

Twitter for Miami News Reporter, watching the Protestors: @JohnWoodrowCox

Protestors Close To Forum Rosie

Cop With Big (non-lethal) Gun Pulled up Alongside Protestors Alvin

WOrld’s Wealthiest Woman Tells People To Stop Envying the Rich, & to Work Harder Christopher

Classic Telephones: The Trimline, and the Princess Mike

Video Blame It On Bush Annette


Clint Eastwood Speech Preview Rosie

Dear Hollywood: Go Ahead, Make These Rosie

From Heather:
OPIC/ Development Banks Research Link
USAID Research Link
Sustainable Development Research Link
Agenda 21 Research Link

Sarah Palin Kicked from Fox News Lineup Zephyr

Fr. Benedict Groeschel- Sex Abuse: Child is Often the Seducer Zephyr


Marine Teaches an OWSer a Lesson Tim

D.O.S./ International Budget (Read Footnotes on Last Page) Heather

Man Dies After Ingesting 10 Pounds of Bacon Mike


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