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September 19, 2012

Sept. 15-18 2012 Feeders Links.

Sat. 15th (Premiere of B.S.of A.)

New Mandatory 4 Gallon Purchase at E-10/E-15 Gas Tanks Rosie

The Blaze Introduces new “Acton Center” TLan

Mon. 17th

Coordinated Hijacking Hoax Calls at JFK, Others Rainmaker

JKP FunFact, from RibbitBuzz:
JKP had an IQ of 182.

Video: M.C. Bama DM

Bill Maher Defends Islam Comments Cec

Tues 18th:

49 days To Election Day (Mike)

Video Trailer for “They Come To America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration’ Dee

Former S.S. Agent: Administration Incompentent in Handling of Libya Attack Mindy

COMING SOON: American Pride Roasters DM

Chicago Teachers Union Ends Strike Tim

Making “Cowboy Coffee” DM

Woohoo! Zephyr’s Newest Toy

Richard Simmons on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” Tim

JKPT Fact, From RibbitBuzz:
James K Polk Tuesday fact: He was the first
of 10 children. #11thPresident #NapoleanOfTheStump

Obama Economy Chart from John Thune TIm

pdf Text for The Muslim Brotherhood Project In America Gwen


September 18, 2012

Sept. 12-14 Feeders Links

Wed. Sept. 12

Video by Europe- The Final Countdown To BlazeTV on Dish Network (Mike)
Anybody’s kids or grandkids watch The Legend of Corra on Nickelodeon? This is a little show that they should watch…Scroll through the character pics to Amon…he’s the bad guy…he may look like some “people” (I use that word loosely) that we have all seen…. (Laura)

Butthook Wednesday:
Egypt & Libya – Yes 92% No 8% (DID NOT HOOK)

Guy trying to make his way across the U.S. by Bartering Bacon Cory

Test Your Views Against President’s Views at VoteSmart’s VoteEasy Peachy

BoxOfficeMojo’s Stats of “2016-Obama’s America” Spokavriel

Breitbart: Obama Misses Over Half of His Intelligence Briefings Colleen

Cabelas Spokavriel

Breitbart: New Regulation is More Proof that Obamacare is Nearly Impossible to Administer Stehekin

Mark Levin Praises Romney’s Response to Embassy Attacks as Reaganesque Cory

The Blaze TV NOW on Dish Tv Channel 212!

Thurs. Sept. 13

For Infadel, From DM:

Bill Clinton: “Mormon Missionnaries Almost Converted Me When I Was Younger” Cec

Frank Solich Transforming Ohio U. into Boise State of the Midwest DM
(When I went there, you couldn’t give tickets away. Now, lines are three blocks long to get them)

Poo Coffee DM

Video: 2003- Hillary Says To Stand Up and Debate ANy Administration You Don’t Agree With Cec

Scooter’s BLog Barb

Wiki: Guy Fawkes DM

DM’s WordPress Page

Fri. Sept. 14

Wierd Al Video: Dog Eat Dog DM

heh Elizabeth Warren’s Theme Song Mainer

Video: Jay Carney- Unrest/Attacks Not Against the U.S. TLan

SJT Friday!
“Who ordered the Manhattan?”

A popular history suggests that the drink originated
at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early
1870s, where it was invented by Dr. Iain Marshall for
a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph
Churchill, Winston’s mother) in honor of presidential
candidate Samuel J Tilden

Twitchy: On Attacks In Afghanistan Rosie

Patchouli Oil at
Wiki On Patchouli Spokavriel

In July, Obama Signed Order Outlining Emergency Internet Control Zephyr

Supreme COurt Ruled that Voter ID Is Legal in 2007 Spokavriel

Atari 7800 at Amazon Spokavriel

IFCJ is helping Israel at Spokavriel
So is John Hagee Ministries at Cody

September 12, 2012

Sept. 10-11 Feeders Links

Sept. 10th

New: The Wilcow Show Started today!

Video: Joe Kennedy Says Tel Aviv is the Capital of Israel Heather

ShadowStats- Unemployment Charts Spokavriel

From Mike:
For all of you that have been asking:
B.S. of A. returns SATURDAY at 10PM Eastern,
Independence USA returns SUNDAY at 8PM Eastern

Video: Garth Brooks- The Thunder Rolls Spokavriel

JKP Fun Fact, from RibbitBuzz
James K Polk: For his 1st date with his
future wife Sarah Childress, he took her to
dinner and then a moon lit carriage
ride around town.

Teachers in Chicago Should Learn From This Movie: Lean On Me Mike

American Airlines Shutting Down it’s Fort Worth Maintenance Facility CuteGeek

Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Hack of GoDaddy Sites Mike

From TRMJ’s Facebook:
“Just a little item to brag about!!! I will be with Max doing a Scouting segment with Raj Nair on Liberty Treehouse. We film on Thursday, I will definitely have Raj tied up in knots or just teach them to him. This is going to be so much fun I can barely wait. Stay tuned for more info!!!!”

Nyan Cat Spokavriel

Markdown Bacon! Rosie

CFHeather’s Scribd page, for all your Agenda 21 Info Dee

39% of Chicago Teachers Send Their Kids to Private Schools Dee

TLan’s Thoughts on 9/11 at Operation Rooster



Sept. 11th

Welcome Home, DM!

And Prayers for all of them this anniversary…

Heather’s photo with Brad Thor I bet you just hated putting your arm around him, didn’t you 🙂

FreePac BootCamp Cec

Video Alan Jackson- Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning Mike
Video Darryl Worley- Have You Forgotten
Video Toby Keith- Courtesy the Red White and Blue

Audio Collective Soul- The World I Know
Video for “The World I Know”
Link to 9-11 tribute Songs

Documentary on 9-11 Blocking the Path Cec

JKPT Fact:
James K Polk was a Presbyrterian.

Decker, “5 Questions with Judge Napolitano:” Do You Believe that Freedom Surrendered Comes Back? Dee

Yellowstone Bison Charges at Children DM

Mob Storms U.S. Embassy in Cairo; Embassy Apologizes Rosie

Restaurant Review of1 Potato 2 DM

Orange County Choppers 9/11 Firefighters Tribute Bike Spokavriel

“Rahm Emmanuel Likes Nickelback” Sign at Protest Spokavriel

Video Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Weber) Stehekin

September 11, 2012

Where The People Have Names

September 11, 2012

Feeders Links, Week of Sept. 4, 2012

DNC Convention Week.

Sept. 4, 2012 Spokavriel

Dems to Move Convention to a Smaller Arena Gwen

Two for One JKP Goodies-

JKP Fun Fact:
He played
college football at the University of
North Carolina. He was a Running
Back and wore #33.

JKPT Fact:Some Whigs didn’t like
the way the Mexican war started,
including soon to be Congressman
Abraham Lincoln

From the NY Times: Valerie Jarrett: The Other Power In The W.H. Gwen

How Branding Sold America On Obama Heather

Occupy Protestors Block DNC Buses Heather

I won’t say of what, but Neil Young Concert video Mike

Sept. 5

Scooter Could Use Some Help Barb

Breitbart- Fact Checking Michelle’s Life Story Zephyr

Power Grab Forces DNC to Put God, Jerusalem Back In Platform Amidst Boos Stehekin
Story also at the Blaze Rosie
Video of the “2/3 Passed Vote” Rosie

Glenn “Boycotts” Am. Airlines after Rude Treatment TLan

1-Hour, 4th Hour Will Be 2-Hour “Pat and Stu Show Staring Monday 10th TLan
All Changes Listed Here

Announcing TheBlaze Radio (Most importantly, “Pat & Stu”, formerly the 4th Hour, will now be 2 hours, and a new show Jay Serverin will be streamed for free via iHeartRadio)


Sept. 6

Ray Stevens Video: If 10% is Good Enough For Jesus, Then It Ought to Be Good Enough for Uncle Sam Mike
Ray Stevens: Mississippi Squirrel Revival
Toby Keith- I Wanna Talk About Me

Trendmicro, for Things an Antivirus Has Missed Spokavriel

ObamaCare Summed Up In One SentenceStehekin
(This is fantastic!)

Weather Forecast For DNC (Where’s the Rain?) Mike

Gateway Pundit: Obamas Moving To Hawaii In January? Gwen

Sept. 7

Love it!
LDS Church Buys Ad Space in “Book Of Mormon” Musical Playbill Rosie

SJTF Fact:
“Tilden’s & Tweed…again”
The following illustration implies
Tilden really had no intention of
taking down Boss Tweed and
Tamany Hall which he did in 1874
(and it made him famous enough to
secure the 1876 Democratic nomination).
Tilden did work closely with Tweed in
the years before he became the
governor so, it is possible he wasn’t
aggressive in pursuing Tweed.

Link To TIme Runover Segment For the Night’ Show with David Gelernter Mike

Shadowstats: The Real Unemployment Charts Spokavriel

Obama’s UnAmerican Auto Bailout Cec

Romney/Ryan’s Suggestion Box Stehekin


September 4, 2012

Aug. 31 2012 Feeders Links

Old Faithful Webcam Rainmaker Joe

Video: “The Poster” Rosie

“I’m Joe Bidenopoulis” Dee
Yes, Joe Makes an Ass of himself to Greeks at a coffehouse Rosie Spokavriel

John McNaughton’s Lastest Interactive Painting Gwen

Scientists Discover Sugar Around Young Star Rainmaker Joe

“A Dangerous Demagogue” Part II

Last week we looked at Buckman’s implication
that Tilden received “hush money” from
Jefferson Davis to promote peace. Of course,
it’s important to note beforehand that the likely
hood of the Confederate government having
$3,000,000 in gold just to buy politicians in
The North is nearly impossible. By this point
in the War, the Confederates had printed
money to the point it was nearly worthless.
After footnoting that his gold claim came
from an article in the Baltimore Sun, Buckman
gives his “proof” Tilden was in Davis’ pocket:

It is a well-known fact that the person who
was at that time private secretary of
Jefferson Davis, at Richmond, is now the
private secretary of Tilden’s Mayor of
New York. This subordinate’s functions
are practically to carry out Tilden’s plans in
that city, and to canvass the South in
Tilden’s presidential interests

Remember, Tilden was the GOVERNOR
of New York, not the mayor; the mayor was
the person who had hired Davis’ secretary,
and this was also nearly ten years after the
War had ended. This seems a bit like the 19th
century version of Mitt’s Bain deaths

Sandra Fluke: Liberal Lesbian Activist Dee

At Amazon- Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History Coocoo, for Spokavriel

Video: Disney’s Zorro, Episode: The New Order Like the current administration (Spokavriel)