Aug. 31 2012 Feeders Links

Old Faithful Webcam Rainmaker Joe

Video: “The Poster” Rosie

“I’m Joe Bidenopoulis” Dee
Yes, Joe Makes an Ass of himself to Greeks at a coffehouse Rosie Spokavriel

John McNaughton’s Lastest Interactive Painting Gwen

Scientists Discover Sugar Around Young Star Rainmaker Joe

“A Dangerous Demagogue” Part II

Last week we looked at Buckman’s implication
that Tilden received “hush money” from
Jefferson Davis to promote peace. Of course,
it’s important to note beforehand that the likely
hood of the Confederate government having
$3,000,000 in gold just to buy politicians in
The North is nearly impossible. By this point
in the War, the Confederates had printed
money to the point it was nearly worthless.
After footnoting that his gold claim came
from an article in the Baltimore Sun, Buckman
gives his “proof” Tilden was in Davis’ pocket:

It is a well-known fact that the person who
was at that time private secretary of
Jefferson Davis, at Richmond, is now the
private secretary of Tilden’s Mayor of
New York. This subordinate’s functions
are practically to carry out Tilden’s plans in
that city, and to canvass the South in
Tilden’s presidential interests

Remember, Tilden was the GOVERNOR
of New York, not the mayor; the mayor was
the person who had hired Davis’ secretary,
and this was also nearly ten years after the
War had ended. This seems a bit like the 19th
century version of Mitt’s Bain deaths

Sandra Fluke: Liberal Lesbian Activist Dee

At Amazon- Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History Coocoo, for Spokavriel

Video: Disney’s Zorro, Episode: The New Order Like the current administration (Spokavriel)

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