Feeders Links, Week of Sept. 4, 2012

DNC Convention Week.

Sept. 4, 2012

USDebtClock.org Spokavriel

Dems to Move Convention to a Smaller Arena Gwen

Two for One JKP Goodies-

JKP Fun Fact:
He played
college football at the University of
North Carolina. He was a Running
Back and wore #33.

JKPT Fact:Some Whigs didn’t like
the way the Mexican war started,
including soon to be Congressman
Abraham Lincoln

From the NY Times: Valerie Jarrett: The Other Power In The W.H. Gwen

How Branding Sold America On Obama Heather

Occupy Protestors Block DNC Buses Heather

I won’t say of what, but Neil Young Concert video Mike

Sept. 5

Scooter Could Use Some Help Barb

Breitbart- Fact Checking Michelle’s Life Story Zephyr

Power Grab Forces DNC to Put God, Jerusalem Back In Platform Amidst Boos Stehekin
Story also at the Blaze Rosie
Video of the “2/3 Passed Vote” Rosie

Glenn “Boycotts” Am. Airlines after Rude Treatment TLan

1-Hour, 4th Hour Will Be 2-Hour “Pat and Stu Show Staring Monday 10th TLan
All Changes Listed Here

Announcing TheBlaze Radio (Most importantly, “Pat & Stu”, formerly the 4th Hour, will now be 2 hours, and a new show Jay Serverin will be streamed for free via iHeartRadio)


Sept. 6

Ray Stevens Video: If 10% is Good Enough For Jesus, Then It Ought to Be Good Enough for Uncle Sam Mike
Ray Stevens: Mississippi Squirrel Revival
Toby Keith- I Wanna Talk About Me

Trendmicro, for Things an Antivirus Has Missed Spokavriel

ObamaCare Summed Up In One SentenceStehekin
(This is fantastic!)

Weather Forecast For DNC (Where’s the Rain?) Mike

Gateway Pundit: Obamas Moving To Hawaii In January? Gwen

Sept. 7

Love it!
LDS Church Buys Ad Space in “Book Of Mormon” Musical Playbill Rosie

SJTF Fact:
“Tilden’s & Tweed…again”
The following illustration implies
Tilden really had no intention of
taking down Boss Tweed and
Tamany Hall which he did in 1874
(and it made him famous enough to
secure the 1876 Democratic nomination).
Tilden did work closely with Tweed in
the years before he became the
governor so, it is possible he wasn’t
aggressive in pursuing Tweed.

Link To TIme Runover Segment For the Night’ Show with David Gelernter Mike

Shadowstats: The Real Unemployment Charts Spokavriel

Obama’s UnAmerican Auto Bailout Cec

Romney/Ryan’s Suggestion Box Stehekin


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