Sept. 10-11 Feeders Links

Sept. 10th

New: The Wilcow Show Started today!

Video: Joe Kennedy Says Tel Aviv is the Capital of Israel Heather

ShadowStats- Unemployment Charts Spokavriel

From Mike:
For all of you that have been asking:
B.S. of A. returns SATURDAY at 10PM Eastern,
Independence USA returns SUNDAY at 8PM Eastern

Video: Garth Brooks- The Thunder Rolls Spokavriel

JKP Fun Fact, from RibbitBuzz
James K Polk: For his 1st date with his
future wife Sarah Childress, he took her to
dinner and then a moon lit carriage
ride around town.

Teachers in Chicago Should Learn From This Movie: Lean On Me Mike

American Airlines Shutting Down it’s Fort Worth Maintenance Facility CuteGeek

Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Hack of GoDaddy Sites Mike

From TRMJ’s Facebook:
“Just a little item to brag about!!! I will be with Max doing a Scouting segment with Raj Nair on Liberty Treehouse. We film on Thursday, I will definitely have Raj tied up in knots or just teach them to him. This is going to be so much fun I can barely wait. Stay tuned for more info!!!!”

Nyan Cat Spokavriel

Markdown Bacon! Rosie

CFHeather’s Scribd page, for all your Agenda 21 Info Dee

39% of Chicago Teachers Send Their Kids to Private Schools Dee

TLan’s Thoughts on 9/11 at Operation Rooster



Sept. 11th

Welcome Home, DM!

And Prayers for all of them this anniversary…

Heather’s photo with Brad Thor I bet you just hated putting your arm around him, didn’t you 🙂

FreePac BootCamp Cec

Video Alan Jackson- Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning Mike
Video Darryl Worley- Have You Forgotten
Video Toby Keith- Courtesy the Red White and Blue

Audio Collective Soul- The World I Know
Video for “The World I Know”
Link to 9-11 tribute Songs

Documentary on 9-11 Blocking the Path Cec

JKPT Fact:
James K Polk was a Presbyrterian.

Decker, “5 Questions with Judge Napolitano:” Do You Believe that Freedom Surrendered Comes Back? Dee

Yellowstone Bison Charges at Children DM

Mob Storms U.S. Embassy in Cairo; Embassy Apologizes Rosie

Restaurant Review of1 Potato 2 DM

Orange County Choppers 9/11 Firefighters Tribute Bike Spokavriel

“Rahm Emmanuel Likes Nickelback” Sign at Protest Spokavriel

Video Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Weber) Stehekin

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