Sept. 12-14 Feeders Links

Wed. Sept. 12

Video by Europe- The Final Countdown To BlazeTV on Dish Network (Mike)
Anybody’s kids or grandkids watch The Legend of Corra on Nickelodeon? This is a little show that they should watch…Scroll through the character pics to Amon…he’s the bad guy…he may look like some “people” (I use that word loosely) that we have all seen…. (Laura)

Butthook Wednesday:
Egypt & Libya – Yes 92% No 8% (DID NOT HOOK)

Guy trying to make his way across the U.S. by Bartering Bacon Cory

Test Your Views Against President’s Views at VoteSmart’s VoteEasy Peachy

BoxOfficeMojo’s Stats of “2016-Obama’s America” Spokavriel

Breitbart: Obama Misses Over Half of His Intelligence Briefings Colleen

Cabelas Spokavriel

Breitbart: New Regulation is More Proof that Obamacare is Nearly Impossible to Administer Stehekin

Mark Levin Praises Romney’s Response to Embassy Attacks as Reaganesque Cory

The Blaze TV NOW on Dish Tv Channel 212!

Thurs. Sept. 13

For Infadel, From DM:

Bill Clinton: “Mormon Missionnaries Almost Converted Me When I Was Younger” Cec

Frank Solich Transforming Ohio U. into Boise State of the Midwest DM
(When I went there, you couldn’t give tickets away. Now, lines are three blocks long to get them)

Poo Coffee DM

Video: 2003- Hillary Says To Stand Up and Debate ANy Administration You Don’t Agree With Cec

Scooter’s BLog Barb

Wiki: Guy Fawkes DM

DM’s WordPress Page

Fri. Sept. 14

Wierd Al Video: Dog Eat Dog DM

heh Elizabeth Warren’s Theme Song Mainer

Video: Jay Carney- Unrest/Attacks Not Against the U.S. TLan

SJT Friday!
“Who ordered the Manhattan?”

A popular history suggests that the drink originated
at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the early
1870s, where it was invented by Dr. Iain Marshall for
a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph
Churchill, Winston’s mother) in honor of presidential
candidate Samuel J Tilden

Twitchy: On Attacks In Afghanistan Rosie

Patchouli Oil at
Wiki On Patchouli Spokavriel

In July, Obama Signed Order Outlining Emergency Internet Control Zephyr

Supreme COurt Ruled that Voter ID Is Legal in 2007 Spokavriel

Atari 7800 at Amazon Spokavriel

IFCJ is helping Israel at Spokavriel
So is John Hagee Ministries at Cody


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