Sept. 15-18 2012 Feeders Links.

Sat. 15th (Premiere of B.S.of A.)

New Mandatory 4 Gallon Purchase at E-10/E-15 Gas Tanks Rosie

The Blaze Introduces new “Acton Center” TLan

Mon. 17th

Coordinated Hijacking Hoax Calls at JFK, Others Rainmaker

JKP FunFact, from RibbitBuzz:
JKP had an IQ of 182.

Video: M.C. Bama DM

Bill Maher Defends Islam Comments Cec

Tues 18th:

49 days To Election Day (Mike)

Video Trailer for “They Come To America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration’ Dee

Former S.S. Agent: Administration Incompentent in Handling of Libya Attack Mindy

COMING SOON: American Pride Roasters DM

Chicago Teachers Union Ends Strike Tim

Making “Cowboy Coffee” DM

Woohoo! Zephyr’s Newest Toy

Richard Simmons on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” Tim

JKPT Fact, From RibbitBuzz:
James K Polk Tuesday fact: He was the first
of 10 children. #11thPresident #NapoleanOfTheStump

Obama Economy Chart from John Thune TIm

pdf Text for The Muslim Brotherhood Project In America Gwen



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