Sept. 19-21 Feeders Links

Wed. 9/19/12

Happy Birthday, TRMJ!

Dinosaur Ridge Raceway Spokavriel

Th “Fire Obam” Money Bomb Spokavriel

Cocoa Bean vs Coca DM

Socialist Leader Poster Weezy

Mike is a member of the NYC Transit Museum

Central Iowa (Model) Railway Club DM

Moving to Frisco is the Museum of the American Railroad Mike

Northlandz (NJ) Model Railroad Barb

Galveston Model Railway Club (website by Mike!)

T-shirts at Glenn Beck Store TLan

Esquire Poll- “Americans Have Little in Common With Romney DM


Thurs 9/20/12

Video Haste the Day- “68” DM

Pumpernickel Boulevard DM


Fri. 9/21/12

Pre-order Monumental- The Movie Spokavriel

National POW/MIA Recognition Day TLan

SJT Friday:
“The Army Distinguished Medal of Honor & Sam Tilden”

On July 9, 1918 Woodrow Wilson awarded the Army
Distinguished Service Medal to a Brigadier General who
served as “Acting Judge Advocate General of the Army,
whose broad and constructive interpretation of law and
regulations have greatly facilitated the conduct of the
war and military administrations.”This general also wrote
a book on the subject entitled, “Military Justice”

His name was……Samuel Tilden Ansell.

Born on
New Year’s Day in 1875 in North Carolina, this highlights
the popularity, even in the South, of then New York
Governor Tilden, who was well over a year away from
being nominated to represent the Democratic Party in 1876

At Books for People Interested in Revolutionary War Black History Spokavriel

Howard Stern Talks to Obama Supporters Barb

R.I.P., Vile Rat Kandarihu

Executive Order on Cybersecurity is Close to Completion CoryE

Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Total Control Over All Natural Resources CoryE

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