Sept. 24-25 Feeders Links

Mon. 9/24/12

That Guy With Glasses Spokavriel

Foamy the Squirrel Spokavriel

Fox Squirrel Spokavriel

Wawa Stores in Florida Tim

Video Honey, You Didn’t Build That Spokavriel

Video MC ‘Bama- U Didn’t Build That DM

I’m Just Supposed To Be Eye Candy For You Guys Rosie

JPK Fun Fact, From RibbitBuzz:
Legend has it that JKP was so strong that he could lift an adult horse over his head. #TheIdolOfChuckNorris

List of U.S. Federal Executive Orders DM

Executive Order 11004 Compare to Agenda 21 (Dee)

Hillary Pushing MDG’s Amid Middle East Crisis Heather

Clinton Global Initiative Webpage Stehekin

My Patriot Supply Has New Ads with Frank from “Independence USA” (Mike)

U.N. Looks to Extract Significant Profits From Brazilian Oil Drilling Heather

Video Homeward Bound- Simon & Garfunkel Mike


Tues. 09/25/12

Video Steve Lee- I Like Guns Spokavriel

Allen West Slams Obama For Not Calling Benghazi A Terrorist Attack TLan

KGB Operation Barack Obama Dee

HuffPo- THe Unpopularity of Cost/Benefit Analysis Heather

Reuters: Can Progressive Economists (Soros) Join Forces With the Church? Heather

OIC Demands the West Enact Laws Outlawing Islamophobia Heather

IMDB for Joe’s Apartment Peachy

A Special Tuesday Butthook of: Bill Kristol

Mercury One Doing Helping Louisiana Hurricane Recovery Heather

JKPT Fact, From RibbitBuzz:
JKP was named after his grandfather (mom’s father), James Knox. #11thPresident #NapoleanOfTheStump

heh heheheh What Allen West’s response to Islamists Would Have Been Heather

National 40 Days of Prayer Before the Election Barb

NRA Wants People to be All In to Defeat Obama Spokavriel Spokavriel



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