Sept. 26-28 Feeders Links

Wed. 9/26/12

Debuting the Documentary The Project (Under Documentaries)

From Mike Berry, Talk Show Host in Houston (from Mike):
A jury consultant wrote me with this, which I found funny. Particularly number 6.
Comments: Best lines I’ve heard from prospective jurors who want to get off the panel for hardship:
1. I have bladder contr
ol problems and have to go to the bathroom frequently.
2. I can’t sit for long periods of time and need to stretch from time to time.
3. I hate white people.
4. My wife is an alcoholic and I have to stay at home with her.
5. I am too grouchy.
6. Any answer accompanied by crying.

Referring to the photos on Drudge that day:
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Mike

Interpretation of Obama Symbol NotALemming

Judge Orders Foot Hood Suspect Be Shaved Mike

Jeffy Fun Fact from RibbitBuzz:
If you took all the weight that @FisherFiles has lost and dropped it on Guam, Guam would tip over & capsize. #HankJohnson

Run For The Wall Group Mike

National Coffee Day Barb
Band Saviour Machine DM

Wiki New World Order (Conspiracy Theory) DM

About Alan Berg DM

Scooter In & Out of the Hospital Barb

This is your Uncle, Mike? Cool. Bob Jones at Purdue U.

Ottowa (KS) U. Mike

Video Mocking School Lunch Mandates DM

To Find Out What Muslims Are Doing In Your Backyard Dee

***DM’s Business Startup, American Pride Roasters, Is Up & Running.

The Sketch which The B.S. of A. Couldn’t Air DM

Thurs. 09/27/12

“Take Action” on The Blaze News Site Christopher

Don’t Fear All Islamists, Fear Salafis Christopher
Wiki Salafi

2 Dead, 4 Wounded In Minneapolis Office Shooting Rosie

Mike- Use GasBuddy to Find Cheapest Prices

DNC Communications Director is Running Out of Ideas Rosie

Team Obama Scrubs State Dept. Memo Dee

Team Obama Supporter: Stevens Had It Coming Dee

Obama to Call Netanyahu Instead of Meeting Him at U.N. Rosie

NY Senator Walks Off Stage at Muslim Day Parade Mike

You Too Can Get Your Free ObamaPhone DM

hehehehe ObamaPhone Has a twitter Account, a la the Empty Chair Mike

Religious Expression Banned on Bourbon Street DM ((That Stinks! My Wife & I met the nicest Hare Krishna there. Bought a few baseball hats from him))



Fri. 9/28/12

Past Baseball Parks- The Polo Grounds TLan

The Founders Bible Spokavriel

List of Spokavriel’s Nintendo Games DM

Catholic Bishop: Voting for Obama Could Put Eternal Salvation In Jeopardy Gwen

Janet Napolitano Doesn’t Use Email Heather

Website WeFireObama Has Raised Almost $1.7Million (TLan)

SJTF Fact:
“The Distance Between….”

Several towns in America are named after SJT. However,
most of the towns are in areas beginning their development
during the time of Tilden’s popularity so, almost all are in
the central part of the nation. The farthest point between
2 Tildens is 1371.71 mi (driving distance) between Tilden, WI
and Tilden, TX

Introducing The Blaze Radio, Now with Jay Severin (TLan)

Fox Mistakenly Airs Man’s Suicide Live Heather

“Why We Would Be A Better World If We Were All From Texas A&M” Rosie

Michelle Malkin on Camp Bastion Attacks Katie

Washington Times: Obama Still Wants to Fundamentally Transform America Heather


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