Oct. 3-4 2012 Feeders Links

Wed. 10/03/12

B.S. of A.- Debates Debates DEBATES!!! DM

MercuryOne facebook post from Heather: “Wanted For Victory”

W.H. can’t Explain Official Obama twitter following Explicit Boob Site AGAIN. Alvin

RT @TheRealMrsJeffy: I think I will remove all items that can fly at the tv and out if reach from my hubby! http://t.co/dSUfm6kT #GetGlue @CNNPolitics (from Mike)

“COWARDS” book on sale Mike

heheheheheheh Hillary Farts During Live Debate DM (so childish, but still funny)

CB Radios at UniversalRadio

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Christopher
ARRL- Emergency Radio
RadioReference, for Frequencies

Protests Break Out in Iran as Currency Crumbles

Video: Billy Madison- Ultimate Insult DM

2010 Gloatfest Mike

Obama Got Mittslapped Rosie

Thurs. 10/04/12

TRMJ ‏@TheRealMrsJeffy

Scouting popcorn is still available and help

Max reach his goal. Max’s scout ID is:

16074506. Thank you in advance!!!!
Trail’s End Popcorn

How Stupid AlGore Is DM

Scooter Is Looking For Lodging (Plano Area) Barb

Server Speed Test Tim

Rush- AlGore Is a Super Dork DM

On the Issue of Licenses CuteGeek

Alberta Police Seize 15,00 plants in Biggest…Daisy Bust…In History Rosie

Mountain Lion Shot By Police near DM


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