I Am A Socialist

Well, at least once, for educational purposes.

Have been working with socialist coworker. He collects guitars, and has been winnowing out his collection. In exchange for an unnamed item I would like, I have been repairing guitars, cleaning up & replacing electronics in pedals, etc. for him to sell on ebay. Was really only wanting a decent wah pedal, but none came along & caught my eye.
Then I saw this.

I picked out the replacement parts (new CTS pots to replace the ones that sounded like they had sand in them, orange drop tone cap, pearl pickguard) & had him order them; installed the usual ground shielding.

Then I said this would be the trade.

“That’s not really fair, is it?”

I explained to him:
Yes, it is. It may not be an equal trade of my services for it.

It may not be right, depending on your values.

But thanks to socialism, we not longer live in a country of blind objective equality. We live in a country of subjective fairness, where the definition of what is “fair” changes with the whim of whomever is in control. And I was in control of the trade. He had more than I did, and could afford to give it up.

It is the definition of “fair.”

And to add insult to injury, we’ll be screening my wife’s SHRUG symbol onto the pickguard.

1992 Fender Jazz Bass

One Comment to “I Am A Socialist”

  1. Nice in so many ways!

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