Not sure how many of you know about Jean Shepherd, besides being the author of the stories which became “A Christmas Story.” Jean was a radio DJ, and writer. He hung around in Greenwich Village with Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouak, Alan Ginsberg, etc. He was a real beatnik- not a Dobie Gillis, but a real Dave Brubeck kind of hipster. He often told about his Army life, ham radio, and Americana. Unfortunately (in my eyes,) he also played the Jews Harp and Kazoo on his show.

Until I can embed the audio into WordPress, I am going to give links to some of his radio shows.
In many ways, he was a precursor to Glenn Beck. He stated things. He saw beneath the facade of what was happening, to why it was happening; he pointed out fakes and slobs, including his friends.

Until I get it sorted out: you can get his old radio show streaming on Shoutcast at Insomnia Theater.

Update:  This might get sticky.  Most of the publicly available shows are missing the politically charged shows, which I seek.  Must have been edited by the hippies of which he speaks on 02/14/66- “Hippies like every country in the world, except the United States.”

My family’s farm (circa 1934?)



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