Galt’s Gulch

I’ve been reading a lot of the comments on Independence, U.S.A. article at The Blaze.

I can, and I can’t understand a lot of the opinions.

I can see how many people may feel let down. Very trying times, and a lot of fighting to do against the regulations and bureaucracy being forced upon us.  Freedom is getting harder to obtain, keep, and grow; let alone our money.  And Glenn is saying he is tired of reporting on it.

However, Glenn has been saying this for a long time:  He (as do I) hates politics; yet, that is what we have had to focus on, and he does not want to have that as his life.  That is the main reason I have been lax on the blog.

There are only so many times you can say the same things over, and over, and over.  If you want to hear it again, listen to one of the old shows.

It is not giving up.  It is reality.  We can focus on fighting as much as we can.  But there is more to life.  There is family.  There are friends.  There is the soul.

I can’t see how the posters say Glenn, one of the most charitable men around, has given up, and is only in it for the money.  Nor can I see how people who claim to be Libertarians or Capitalists complain about it.   Yes, he is doing it for money.  I see no problem with that.  If you have big plans, you need money.  If you have big charity, you need something with which to be charitable.  Something which drives me nuts about a Socialist niece of mine is:  she collects money from other people for charities, then brags about all the good SHE is doing.

He is also doing it for the future.  He is doing it for independence.    I don’t know if the complainers are becoming the sheeple he complains about and critics mock; that is up to them to decide.

Personally, I don’t have children.  But I do want the freedoms, many of which have already been lost to me, preserved for the children of others.  I will probably never get to visit Glenn’s new community, let alone move there.

I myself rely on others for information.  Glenn does not find all of these things himself; he has people research it, and he directs the flow on what he thinks are the pertinent points.  In the future, it probably simply won’t be Glenn physically saying it.  Stu does a lot of his writing.  When you have free time, watch one of the evening shows where he sat in for Glenn, and imagine it in Glenn’s voice.  It’s the same words. It is why he has added Wilcow, Jay Severin, Real News, and soon, Doc Thompson from 7-9am (not sure why he has forgotten to make an announcement of an announcement on that).

We might have our freedoms back next week, or we may be stuck with Socialism for a hundred years.  Independence will be a way of preserving freedom.  Through recording of history (I’m assuming there will be a giant museum there, with all the things Glenn is collecting); through storytelling history to children (“Man in the Moon”).  It is a way of preparing for the future (possibly and probably not our own), in case current technology and methods fail, or if the U.S. or the world fails.

I can’t wait to see how a lot of things get done.  With the development of new technology, he will need not only the developers, he will either have to have people to comply with regulations, or bypass them (open technology, free to everyone, such as Franklin did with his stove?).  I myself have had something I’ve wanted to do for sometime; however, I would have to jump through more hoops than would make it feasible, OR have it so people could do it themselves, which would be extremely difficult.

 I believe he is trying to show through example how life can be made better.  He never said he could save the world or protect all of us, and I don’t think it is right for others to expect him to do so.  I think he is trying to show, and help us, to do that ourselves.
P.S.  If Glenn says the community will run be DC powered from Tesla Towers, I’ll poop my pants.

One Comment to “Galt’s Gulch”

  1. Thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking. I don’t think I’ll be able to be a part of this endeavor either, but I’m excited for those involved. I also agree that he’s setting an example. That’s what I’ve always liked about him. He is always admonishing people to do their own homework; I think far too many don’t.

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