Facebook Suggestion

Forced tags on all posts, so I can block things such as:

1. What many complain about- game requests (instead of having to block each game individually).
2. Illogical political comments by Socialists.
3. Illogical Socialists.
4. Socialists.
5. “If you don’t repost this, you have no heart” stories.
6. The daily- DAILY- “cute photo of my baby sleeping” by my relatives. (followed soon by a photo from the spouse from a slightly different angle & height, both of which are immediately changed to their respective profile photos, so you CONSTANTLY HAVE TO LOOK AT IT).
7. Daily stories about the above babies pooping.
8. Daily stories about the above babies peeing on the relatives’ spouses.
9. Weekly stories about suctioning snot out of the above babies’ clogged noses.
10. The weekly Saturday morning posting of “PLEASE RESCUE THIS DOG FROM BEING PUT DOWN AT A POUND, 1000 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE YOU LIVE” photos from people who have one dog they bought.


Update:  sleeping baby photos posted a 9am;  story of baby exploding its poo & the following washing of everything in the house posted at 6:45pm. In same post, told other cousin that, when she has HER baby in a few months, she needs to post HER stories of exploding poo.   WONDERFUL.


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