Part 1.

Heard on local radio news in the car:  Doctor found falsifying records to get more money from Medicare.

Part 2.

Obamacare, to make it easier for you to (and for them to extract money, in case you don’t) pay your bills, and to make sure your records at one doctor don’t interfere with what happens at another, will be tying together your bank and or credit records, your tax records, your medical records, your pharmaceutical records, and possibly now, your gun records.

Part 3.

My sister in law teaches nursing at a vocational center, to mainly equal opportunity / rehabilitation students.  Many of them can’t even read (she has changed most of her lessons to Powerpoint drawings, so all they have to do is point and grunt).   Three have been arrested in her classroom.  ONE passed her last class (The head of the school is trying to force her to pass more, so they don’t lose government funding).

These aren’t just the ones who will be in care of your health.

These are the people who will have access to your records.

Have a nice day.


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