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February 29, 2012

Feeders Feed Links, Wed. Feb. 29, 2012

Uganda Gay Death Sentence Bill CFHeather

Mercury One- Restoring Love Colleen

Movie Wild In The Streets Scooter

Show Guest Uncle Ted Nugent TLan

How To Remove Your Google Search History Rosie

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys Ned

Rumor: Military Oath to Obama, not the Country Adam

Facepalm Demotivational Poster FreeDave

Demotivational- Who Let the Dogs Out FreeDave

Facepalm Thundercross

Giants- The Parallel Between Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln Annette

737 Milion in Green Jobs Loans Given to Nancy Pelosi’s Family Lynda

Velvet Jones School of Technology HamStar

So “ethicists” that deem abortion after birth morally sound deserve to hang on the butthook
100% yes

February 28, 2012

Feeders Feed Links, Tues Feb. 28, 2012


Question #11 for Keith Malinak:
If you had to wear one of these for the rest of your life, would you choose: Phil Spector’s toupees, or Elton John’s sunglasses?

Keith’s Answer:Gotta go with this classic
Specter Toupee

Obama: Unions Are NOT a Special Interest CFHeather

Boehner Tells Radical Greens to Stop Standing in the Way of Energy Policy CFHeather

McCain: Romney May Be Too Wounded to WIn in November CFHeather

Credo- A Progressive Phone Company Advertising to Fight the Tea Party James B

Interpol Arrests 25 Suspected Anonymous Members

Olympia Snowe Will Not Seek Re-election CFHeather

JKPT Fact of the Day from RibbitBuzz: Here’s the 1845 Democratic Party national nomination, silk election ribbon with James K Polk.

JKP Ribbon

Zbigniew Brzezinski: US WIll Not Support Israel If They Attack Iran’s Nuclear Sights CFHeather

Man Arrested in Threat Against Obama CFHeather

Iranian Green Movement’s Letter to Obama CFHeather

DWS Will Be Keynote Speaker at Islamic-Terrorist-Tied FundRaiser CFHeather

Fed May Be Helpless to Stop Runaway Inflation


American Pie Zephyr

Law Firm that Donated Heavily to Obama Given 1.8 Million In Stimulus funds to Advise on Failed Green Energy Loans CFHeather

Anonymous Plans Bloody revolution CFHeather

February 27, 2012

Feeders Feed Links, Mon. Feb. 27, 2012

Question #10 for Keith Malinak
On average, how many people are on the Feed? (Jeffy wouldn’t give us a straight answer but we know you think too much of the Feeders to tell a fib, right?)

Keith’s Answer:
I’m really not sure. Jeffy’s the gate keeper for all things feed related. I can tell you that there are so many comments that come in it is truly impossible to get them all posted.

The IMD and the World Bank- How Do They Differ? CFHeather

Supreme Court Prepares for Battle Over Human Rights Liability of Corporations CFHeather

Hillary in Tunisia AnsweringQuestions About US Presidential Candidates Pandering to ‘Zionist Lobbies’ CFHeather

H. Clinton: “We Have Problems WIth a Lot of Our Friends Around the World CFHeather

JKPT Fact from RibbitBuzz:James K Polk ‘fun’ fact: He won the Oregon territory from the British in a poker game.

Wyoming Advances “Doomsday Bill

Show Guest, Introducer of bill David Miller

Alan Dershowitz Declares War on Media Matters Mike

Copy of one of my slides; from around 1987?

Yellowstone Webcams Rainmaker Joe

US Water Bills to Triple CFHeather

Panic Wildy and Run Away T-shirt Barb

Sweedish Chef From the Muppets Mike

Monster from the Muppets Mike

ESPN Contact Page In case you want to complain about the reporter being fired CFHeather

Wild Boars Overrun pakistan

Show Guest Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

Sky and Telescope Rainmaker Joe

Do you like having tweets from the Blaze, GBTV, etc. mixed into the feed?
47% Yes
47% Don’t Care

Should DM be a part of the crew “Shaking Hand with the Guvnah” on Wednesday?
93% yes

February 26, 2012

Hurry Up, Summer!

So tired of winter; can’t wait to stroll through King’s Island again, and smell the food and the grease from the rides; listen to the carousel and the screams from the coasters.

February 25, 2012

News / Info Sources

KeyWiki, Unlocking the Covert Side of U.S. and Global Politics

The Ulsterman Report

Verum Serum

Ace of Spades HQ

Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal

becktips daily

February 25, 2012

Frequent Show Guests / Hosts

David Horowitz, Freedom Center

Dinesh D’Souza

David Barton’s WallBuilders

Author Richard Paul Evans
Author of Michael Vey

Brad Thor
Author of Full Black

February 25, 2012

Feeder’s Suggested Fiction Books

The Traveler, John Twelve Hawks

The Bunnicula Series

The Chronicles of Narnia

Captains Courageous

Sherlock Holmes

John Steinbeck

The Good Earth

Macbeth and Other Shakespeare

The Catcher In The Rye

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl

Short Stories of O Henry

Complete Edgar Allan Poe

All Creatures Great and Small

Harry Potter series

The Christmas Sweater

February 25, 2012

Prep Show Lists

Glenn’s Prep Checklist

Glenn’s List of Home Schooling Resources

Judy of the Woods

Coleman’s Military Surplus

Preparedness Pro: Faraday Cages

Feeder’s Suggested Books

How to Survive TEOTWAWKI

The Backyard Homestead

Country Wisdom and Know-How

Surviving the Apocalypse In The Suburbs

Tan Your Hide- Home Tanning Furs and Leathers

Deerskins to Bucksiks

Primitive Skills and Crafts

Wildwood Wisdom

Native AMerican Crafts & Skills

Jerky: Make Your Own Delicious Jerky

Naturopathic Handbook of Herbal Formulas

Preserving Food Without Canning or Freezing

Emergency- This Book WIll Save Your Life

Collins Gem S.A.S. Durvival Guide

Kill It & Grill IT

Not Your Mother’s Food Storage

February 24, 2012

I’ll be adding some of my own things in here, too.


February 24, 2012

Sources and Resources


Journey to Forever- Small Farm Library

Captain Dave’s Survival Center

Disaster Emergency Living

U.S. Military Manuals to download

EMP Information

Still Tasty Shelf Life Guide

National Center for Home Food Preservation

NDSU Outdoor Building Plans

PioneerLiving Survival

100 Wartime Recipes from 1940’s Experiment

The American Woman’s Cookbook (1939)


Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog

Honeyville Food Products

Heirloom Seeds

Northern Brewer

New Hope Seed Company

Vintage Trends- Military clothing

Cheaper Than Dirt

Survival Acres

Tattler Canning Lids

Markdown Value and Values

Emergency Seed Bank

Mt. Healthy Hatcheries

Sustainable Seed Company

Seed Savers Exchange

February 24, 2012

Book List- Historical / Political

<a href="Hllsdale College’s Constitution 101 Schedule

The Founding Documents

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson

Selected Sermons of George Whitfield

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Common Sense and The Crisis (Thomas Paine)

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution (Harriet Beecher Stowe, William Cooper Nell)

Democracy in America (Alexis de Tocqueville)

The Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis)

Capitalism and Freedom (Milton Friedman)

Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass

5000 Year Leap audiobook

1984 (George Orwell) audiobook

The Betrayal of the American Right (Lugwig Von Mises)

The Road to Serfdom, cartoon version (Friedrich Hayek)

Liberal Fascism (Jonah Goldberg)

Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World

The Coming Insurrection

Philip Dru, Administrator (Edward Mandell House)

Reclaiming Revolution- The History of STORM (Van Jones)

Birth of a Nation (DW Griffith)

February 24, 2012

Welcome, Feeders!

Making the move away from Blogger, a Google Product.  I’m already copying the old material, to transition it here.  I’ll keep the old one up, just in case.

February 24, 2012

Feeders Feed Link, Fri. Feb. 24, 2012

Navy SEAL Movie’s Terrorist is…Jewish Dee

Yo Gabba Gabba B_Rad

Independence USA Goat Cam TLan

Samuel J. Tilden Friday Fact:

No Explanation is needed for the following quote. It is as valid today, as it was then; and I believe that a statement this powerful and eloquent should not be relegated to the dusty corners of long forgotten American History

President’s Day Message from SJT
Let us go forward to the ballot-box, and with united action and with one voice put into the great trusts of the government men who believe as we do, and who will give their efforts to restore the government to what it was in the days of our fathers. [A voice: “God grant it! “] Yes, as my friend in the audience says, — God grant it! There is no prayer that would ascend to the throne of the Eternal, purer of all selfishness, full of more devoted patriotism, full of more benevolence toward the masses of mankind here and in other countries, and in all future ages, than the prayer which my friend here in the audience puts up,— God grant it! Fellow-citizens, I can imagine that from the ethereal heights the men that made this government — your Washingtons, your Jeffersons, your Madisons — look down to see whether this generation is to fail in transmitting to their descendants the priceless inheritance of constitutional government. Washington himself — his tall and peerless form leans over from the midst of those patriots and statesmen of the Revolution, to see to-day what we are about to do. Shall we prove ourselves worthy of our ancestry? If so, then there will be hope, not only for this country, but also for the oppressed and down-trodden in every clime and in every age.

His version of the National Anthem Rosie

Was 9/11 Hijacker Mohamed Atta Used in Facebook As for Car Insurance?

Why you May Want to Delete Your Google Browser History Before Next Week

Bacon Gold Nugget Lily

Do you think DM’s picture posting habits have crossed the line? SHould he be banned from posting pictures on the Feeders Feed?
58% I was sickened…but entertained…NO BAN

Comment of the Day, From Hazel:
“Is that Obummer with his pants down?”

In Memory of Dr. Ronald P. Socciarelli, Feb. 3, 2012  Conductor of the 110 Marching Men from 1973-1989.